Update from the Muse: Lost in Space

I think perhaps my muse was kidnapped after all, and last night’s dream experience was some sort of telepathic SOS.  It wasn’t smurfs, it was…marauding, intergalactic slave traders? 0_o  Uh, sorry muse, I think you’ll have to find your own way home.

This dream was a bit confusing for me.  It committed the storytelling sin of having too many characters.  Not only that, but I wasn’t even a character in this escapade.  I was a disembodied ghost floating around watching everything unfold.  I guess I was the omnipotent narrator.

So the dream: A 6-yr-old boy is kidnapped by above-mentioned slave traders.  Even though they were on a regular ship, there was some weird sci-fi feel to it.  Poor kid is crying for his big sister, who is stuck on shore, to save him.  Teary moment as they sail away into the dark fog, completely separated.

And now they’re sailing in what I can only compare to Planet Earth’s deep underwater caves—except they’re not underwater, but they are surrounded by walls of rock.  It’s dark, and frankly just creepy.  It feels like a journey to an alien planet.  (Because where else would you take 6-yr-olds for slave labor?)

There’s a lot of sniveling and crying going on, and lots of harsh treatment by the scumbag pirates.

Now we’re back with the big sister (big as in 12 or 13).  She’s mounting a rescue, venturing deep into this unknown territory to find her brother (aw, how sweet).  Will she save him?  Will they make it home?  Wait, suddenly we’re 11 years into the future?  What happened?  You mean I *slept* through the best part of the story?  My muse says, “sorry, had to disconnect so the pirates wouldn’t catch me communicating with you.”  Um, right, hush-hush.

So now it’s 11 years later, and there are two boys (huh?).  They are teenagers, and have finally escaped whatever torment they’ve endured and made it all the way home to what greatly resembles a Star Trek space ship.  And if that’s not enough to confuse you, who is it making a guest appearance as these two heroic boys?  Zachery Ty Bryan and Johnathan Taylor Thomas from their Home Improvement days.  (whispers: Muse, did the pirates drug you?)

The two sit down and tell their miraculous story (which I missed, humph) to the commanders of the space ship.  (Is that Captain Picard?  It’s hard to tell because being a ghost gives everything a slight haze.)  It’s a happy ending for everybody—wait, what about the little boy and his sister?  What happened to them?  I have no idea.  Is he still awaiting rescue?  Does this mean my muse is a 6-yr-old boy?  I suppose that could explain my tendency to beat characters into bloody pulps…

I don’t know where my muse is, but it sounds like she (or he) is experiencing much more excitement than I am.  Maybe she’ll have plenty of stories to tell when she gets back.

8 comments on “Update from the Muse: Lost in Space

  1. lynmidnight says:

    Omg, you have amazingly complex dreams! I love it when that happens. ^_^ So I’m confused, I thought the 6-yer old boy was one of the two boys… or teenagers? Ugh, I’m completely lost. But you know, dreams never make sense anyway. I just love the ones which give me ideas for my stories. As for the muse… I think she’s trying to nudge you in some wacky direction. Resistance is futile. I love your blog by the way. 🙂

    • 😀
      I was pretty confused by this dream, too. Usually there aren’t quite so many plot holes. Ever just have that “sense” or “knowing” about the way things are in a dream, even if they’re not obvious? That’s how I knew the 6-yr-old and the Hollywood boys were separate characters.

      I love my muse. I can’t quite pin her down in a description just yet like some of those neat ones on your recent blog posts. 🙂

  2. Brea Essex says:

    My dreams jump around a lot sometimes too. Sounds like a start to a great story!

  3. Katy says:

    Brilliant Angela! I wish my dreams were as clear as yours. Mine are usually scenes which are fairly cryptic and often dark. I’m sure you could make a story out of this one though!

  4. Susan A. says:

    That is actually a rather entertaining dream! Kind of stinks it skipped ahead though. At least the boys got away.

    One time I had a dream I was in Iraq and got kidnapped by the mujahideen (an exremist group). Part of the dream I spent trying to communicate with them in my broken Arabic (I had studied it for about six months prior to this). When I woke up, I was actually in Iraq, but safely on the base (or as safe as you can be on a base there). If it is any consolation, I did get escape from them (in the dream) while they were transporting me to another location. I saw an American convoy, leaped out of the car and started running toward it. Not very realistic, but enough to scare me for a couple days. Didn’t help when the Iraqi interpreters told me to be careful because dreams can come true.

    • That does not sound like an entertaining dream! At least you got away. If I get stuck in a dream I don’t like, I can force myself awake. And that was not very nice of the interpreters. Next time say, “You think so? Because I have a really strong feeling about the dream where pygmy aliens abduct you.”

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