David and Goliath Moments

I saw this video on another blog a little while ago and thought I’d re-share it because it’s awesome.  There’s a cat.  Enough said.

Mugsy the Cat Attacks Alligators

David and Goliath of the animal kingdom.  Is Mugsy acting out of a desire to protect his loved ones, or is he confronting the big bad beast because Mugsy is the mighty Puss In Boots?  Either way, it just goes to show size doesn’t matter.  Whether you’ve got God on your side, or just plain bravado, you can tackle anything bigger than you.

What have been the Goliath moments in your life?

10 comments on “David and Goliath Moments

  1. Susan A. says:

    That was one brave kitty:)

    I have another one for you. A dog attacks a shark and survives:


    My mind is racing as to David vs Goliath type moments. It seemed like my Army career was full of them, but they are rather long to tell. If I think of something easy, I’ll get back to you.

    • I think by definition, David and Goliath moments are never easy. 😉 What about your favorite fiction Goliath moment? Isn’t that what we love about kick-butt protagonists? They take on insurmountable bad guys and turn them to dust (sometimes literally).

      That is so sweet the dog protecting the beached manatee! (I think that’s what it was.) But it sure didn’t *look* like he was fighting the shark. I kept watching for blood in the water from the shark taking a bite out of him!

  2. Stacy Green says:

    That’s awesome! I can’t believe the alligators didn’t strike. I think they were stunned by the cat’s bravado, lol.

    Hmm .. David and Goliath moments. I’m so bad at thinking up these on the spot.

    Great post:)

  3. Geez. Where to start the list??? I think overall the last five years have been a huge test of my strength. Sometimes when all I wanted to do was hide under the covers with my pillow wrapped around my head until it all went away, I realized nothing was going to go away unless I faced it down. It was a process, but I see now it was all actually fairly easy, and I am far wiser now. Yeah, it’s all good.

  4. Lesann says:

    I’m a little alarmed at how casual folks were about having alligators cruising up onto the bank. I remember visiting my great grandparents in Florida as a kid and the alligators would cruise through the backyard (they lived near a river). I was freaked out but the adults just shrugged and told us to not get too close. The question that always went through my head was: how close it too close?

    • Yeah, I would be terrified too. Although, they seem pretty slow on land; it’s underwater where they can be lightning fast. That kitty definitely got too close! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  5. lynmidnight says:

    Wow! I’ve seen lots of videos of cats scaring off bigger animals, but gators? Ha, this cat has moxie.

    As for my life.. only one moment comes to mind. The summer I went to the States and got homeless, broke, and jobless a month later. I just had to gather up my strength, find a job, a home, and have a fantastic summer there. I never forgot how scared I was and how I got out victorious in the end.

    You’re right, Angela. Size doesn’t always matter. Those giants are only as big as we see them. 🙂

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