Imaginary Friends

Why do kids have imaginary friends?  Is it the “only child” who has a need for one, or the child who’s lost a friend?  Or are kids just so darn creative they can’t help projecting while they’re at an age when they still believe anything is possible and real if they just believe?

I actually still remember my imaginary friend.  He wasn’t a kid like me, or an alien, or a fairy.  He was a dog, a beautiful, black and white Border Collie.  I didn’t have a dog growing up, mostly because my dad hated them.  I vaguely remember threats of shooting any that came into our house.  (He was joking…supposedly.)  We were cat people, but every kid at a young age wants a dog at some point.  (Now that I’m an adult, I’ve been fully conditioned as a cat person and would never own a dog.)

This Border Collie, named Blackie (this was before I developed a love of unique and meaningful names) was a super dog.  He’d hang out with me indoors, but once we were outside, he would go running off into the hills.  Behind where we lived were brown hills and pasture dotted by a few oddly shaped, bush-like trees.  From far away, some of them looked like dinosaurs, and Blackie would run off to chase them.  I think he represented a deep-seeded desire for freedom beyond the walls of my existence.

He’d also go with me on trips, but he never rode in the car.  Nope, whether it was a short drive to the 7-Eleven or a longer trip to visit relatives, he’d run alongside the road, leaping over cars, jumping on roofs, barking at birds.  Looking back, it probably would have been cool if he had talked, but then, with kids and their pets, all you need is a shared look.  😉

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid?  Who/what was it?  What did you do together?

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19 comments on “Imaginary Friends

  1. I did not have an imaginary friend, but my brother did – James Bond. My grandfather even stopped on the side of the road one time to pick up James and his bike. 🙂

  2. jamilajamison says:

    I had an imaginary friend named Webster, after the television character of the same name. He was my boyfriend when I was about 4, and I would ride around on my tricycle and ‘pick him up’ so we could go on dates. My younger sister had a whole troop of imaginary friends — Alvert and Alberto and a few others that I can’t remember.

  3. What a cool dog! Great topic! I didn’t have an imaginary friend exactly but I would tell myself stories and live inside them.I imagine I could cros over into countless magical worlds.

    • Your imagination was too big for just one imaginary friend. 😉 You probably met lots of fun characters in those imaginary worlds. Thanks for commenting, Sonia!

  4. lynmidnight says:

    I love this breed! ^_^ And I like the mash-up. Your blog is so frigging cool all the time. Stop that. *poke* 😀

    My imaginary friends have always been characters from books. I like to imagine talking to them and stuff. I mean… when I was a kid, cos I’m a grown-up now. Ahem. And I don’t really remember my early years that well. Sadly, neither does my mum. 😛

    • Lol. Violeta, you’re a wonderful dose of medicine to my self-esteem. 😉

      I know you still talk to imaginary people in your head. Your muse, for instance. 😉 And, uh, is there a blog post behind that story of missing childhood memories?

  5. What a fun topic! I didn’t have an imaginary friend but my daughter had an imaginary dog named Cleo when she four. She drove her older brother crazy because she insisted on taking Cleo for a walk on the pretend leash. Now she has a dog that looks almost like the one in your picture that she rescued from the shelter. His name is Sonny.
    Thanks for the smile this evening. Love the cozy feel of your blog.

    • Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by. I’m a little surprised by all the parents who are aware of their kids’ imaginary friends. I don’t remember ever telling my mom about mine…I wonder if she knew? 0_0

  6. Naomi Bulger says:

    I didn’t have an imaginary friend, and was always jealous when I’d read stories about children who did. I’m still a bit jealous, because I do think it would be quite magical to have your own secret friend.

    On the other hand, I DID have a black and white border collie, called Moss. So I guess the universe evens most things out. 🙂

  7. Stacy Green says:

    Hi Angela! My imaginary friend was Arnold from Different Strokes. I got mad if anyone else tried to talk to him.

    My daughter takes after me. Her imaginary friends are Spiderman and Megamind, lol.

    • Hi Stacy! Did you pull the belligerent, “He’s not standing there.” ?

      Megamind! Lol. What mischief does your daughter get into with a friend like that? 😉

  8. How very cool to have a dog as an imaginary friend! I had a whole world in my head, lots of friends. A dog, though, a super dog, how very neat!

  9. Joanna Clark Dawyd says:

    Your imaginary border collie sounds a lot like my imaginary alter-ego! I’d always imagine myself running beside the road, or swinging from the telephone poles…in fact, I still catch myself doing that.

  10. […] was creating characters.  I suppose my elaborate families and communities were my substitute for imaginary friends. I’d pour over phone books and baby announcements looking for first names and last names, […]

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