If Twilight Were A Musical

Have any of you heard of The Hillywood Show?  These girls are amazing.  Hilly and Hannah are the sister duo creating parodies of box office hits.  Their popularity soared with the creation of this Twilight parody and they are now Internet stars and highly sought after guests at Twilight Conventions.  The costumes and cinematography all scream Hollywood budget, but these two girls have accomplished some of the best films with their own money and one camera.  Talent and perseverance, people.  😉

What do you think of parodies?  Do you find them amusing, flattering to the original, or insulting?

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7 comments on “If Twilight Were A Musical

  1. Great video post! It would depend on what is being mocked. I remember when Weird Al first parodied Michael Jackson. I hated it until I figured out it was a big compliment to how huge a star MJ was.

    • I think it also depends on the quality of the mockery. The Hillywood Show goes all out. They make sure to get every visual detail from the movie right, and the final product ends up being a work of art itself.

      Thanks for stopping by, Barbara!

  2. Lesann says:

    I thought this was really fun and I think imitation is usually a form of flattery. Of course sometimes we might not like to be flattered quite so publicly. I bet these young folks had a lot of fun putting this together – what a great amount of professionalism can be achieved with desktop methods today. Fun post!

  3. I think parodies are great. It gives us so much to laugh about through entertainment. And there is definitely more than enough room for lots and lots of laughing in my life!

  4. I love to laugh and I think paradies are great!

  5. I enjoy paraodies. I think what entertains me most is the sheer creative genius of the people who do them well. Great video!

  6. @Lesann–Yeah, though the thought of someone doing a parody of one of my works has me nervous. But I do find this one absolutely fabulous. *grin*

    @Diana–Amen to that! Laughter is good medicine.

    @Tiffany– 🙂

    @Kate–That’s true, I was way more impressed with the creativity and professionalism of The Hillywood Show than I was interested in laughing at the original.

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