Klepto Kitty

Hey guys, it’s time for Friday Fancies.

San Mateo, California has a cat burglar.  Dusty has apparently stolen over 600 items from neighbors over the past three years.  This kitty clearly has an addiction, but is there a 12-step program for felines?  Check out this video.  Towards the end, they even catch the rascal in the act with a hidden camera.

What would you do if your pet brought you stolen goods?  Try to return them?  Keep them?  Hold a garage sale?

Check out yesterday’s flash fiction where my kitty steals cough drops.

22 comments on “Klepto Kitty

  1. Stacy Green says:

    Too cute! Reminds me a bit of Mom’s black cat. He sneaks down to the basement (which is really just a cellar) and brings up anything he can find: worms, bottle caps, string, etc. He’ll carry stuff off the counter, too. He tried to carry off my anniversary ring once, so I always hide them if I take them off when I’m there. But this cat carries off big stuff! He must be part dog, lol.

  2. Funny! I saw a story on this bad kitty. He is beyond compulsive. I’m not sure what I would do. Where I live, we are separated and not so neighborly. When I had cats that went outside, I had no clue how far they even traveled.

  3. That’s hilarious! One of our dogs loves to steal underwear and hide them under the bed. But he only steals from us. And one of the cats loves to steal stuffed toys from the kiddo’s room.

    • Either you have to do laundry very often, or buy new underwear every week. Lol. And stuffed animals? I wonder if the kitty is playing his own version of “Mommy.”

      Thanks for commenting, Sonia!

  4. Lesann says:

    This is hilarious! I once had a cat that swiped hard candies, the little red and white mints. She’d play with them, batting them around the house….then she’d drop one in her water dish. Guess she liked the flavor. I’ve known cats that took things and hid them in the house, but never an actual kleptomaniac feline. Too funny!

  5. Kristal Lee says:

    Monster Puppy steals socks. I have to make sure the dresser drawer is tightly closed or I’ll be missing a few socks.

  6. LOL!! I have actually had a cat who has taken the neighbor’s bread out of the grocery sacks when they were unloading the car. It was the funniest thing – he ran across the street with the loaf hanging from his mouth apparently so proud of himself.

  7. Too funny- why do they keep it all? I think I would have a box in my yard and put things in it for the neighbors to come and get

  8. Hi Angela!

    I’ve purchased cat toys for my cats in the past. They sniff at them and then give me a look that says, “You’re kidding, right? Give me something to kill.”

    However, they do love their catnip. Around ten every night, they show up on the back deck in need of their fix.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Jennifer! Yeah, I buy my cat all these fancy toys and she could care less. Her favorite toy right now? A straw I accidentally dropped on the floor.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. 600 items? That’s amazing. I agree a lost and found box in the yard would be a good idea!

  10. […] Shout out to WANA711 buddy Angela Wallace who introduces us to Dusty.  Dusty has a little problem.  He’s a Klepto Kitty. […]

  11. Elena Aitken says:

    Hey Angela,
    cute video! one of my cats steals my bracelets and hair elastics but I think they’re generally too lazy to take anything larger than that.
    But really…600 items?! I would think they’d give them back or donate them. Or…maybe keep the cat inside..
    good thing their neighbors are so understanding about it.

  12. Naomi Bulger says:

    That is so funny. And bizarre! I guess if my cat brought in stolen goods I’d put up a couple of signs in the neighbourhood saying “Sorry, my cat is stealing things. If you’re missing toys, bikini bottoms or shoes give me a call.” LOL

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