Elemental Magic: What’s your element?

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In honor of my soon to be released urban fantasy novel, Elemental Magic, I’d like to share some of my research on the four classic elements and what they represent.

Water is a restorative, life sustaining element. Characters with an affinity to water are often peaceful, although they can also respond with violence when provoked.  Somewhat like the sea–calm one moment, violent the next.  Water personalities tend to be emotional, deep, nurturing, sympathetic, empathetic, imaginative and intuitive; however, they can also be sentimental, sensitive, escapist and irrational.  Water environments are tranquil and abundant with life.

If your element is water, then your animal buddies would be the dolphin, seal, turtle, frog, and all types of fish.  Mythical creatures associated with this element are the Mermaid (salt water), Naiad (fresh water), and sea dragon.

Earth is an element of stability.  Characters who wield this element tend to be physically strong or imposing, but they can also be either passive or aggressive.  Earth personalities tend to be calm, practical, hard working, wise, stable, patient and sensual; however, they can also be stubborn, possessive, jealous, nearsighted and very harsh.  Its environment can be either barren or abundant in life.

If your element is earth, then your animals would be the stag, bull, bear, snake, and of course all burrowing animals.  (Ground squirrels anyone?)  Mythical earth creates are the Satyr/Faun, Gnomes/Goblins (I really hope they don’t meant the garden variety), and Dryads (tree nymphs).

Air (also referred to as wind) represents freedom and whimsy, and is often wielded by carefree characters. This element often emphasizes speed over strength.  Air personalities tend to be kind, intellectual, communicative, social and helpful. However, they can also be cold, superficial, vicious and very insensitive to other people’s emotions.  Environments associated with this element tend to be at high elevations or actually suspended in the air.  (Who wants a floating castle in the sky?)

No specific animal is listed, though you can assume anything with wings could personify this element.  The only mythological being linked to air is the Sylph, an air spirit probably resembling a fairy or pixie.

Fire is often depicted as a destructive element, but it also gives life.  For example, forest fire burns away old, dead foliage to make room for new growth.  It is often regenerative and formative.  Fire tends to be wielded by aggressive characters, or warm and passionate ones.  Fire personalities are believed to have good leadership qualities, and also tend to be extroverted, rebellious, passionate and enthusiastic, brave and valiant; however, they can also be moody, hot-tempered, snappy, uncontrollable and angry.  Fire environments tend to be hot, hostile and dangerous.

Interestingly, the animal most closely associated with this element are cats, especially the lion and tiger.  Any predatory animal, such as the fox, can personify fire, and sometimes the hawk is linked to this element, even though many associate it with air.  The mythological creatures are the phoenix, dragon, and salamander (related to the myth that they mysteriously emerge from flames).

My personality leans more towards Water and Earth, though I have always been fascinated with Fire.  (Opposites attract, maybe?)  I certainly have a greater love for Fire’s elemental creatures.  😉

What’s your element?  Which one would you like to be, or which one would you like to have magical power over?  I love hearing from you!

Watch for the release of my latest book, Elemental Magic, the first in my new urban fantasy series:

Aileen Donovan is an oceanographer with magical control over the element of water.  While her normal focus is on research and fighting poachers, she’s about to go up against the stuff of legends—and that’s saying something for a supernatural.

A transport ship is missing and everyone’s eager to get their hands on the cargo.  No one knows what it is, but when fragments resembling coral begin to drive local residents insane, Aileen suspects a preternatural source.  Whatever is at the bottom of the ocean, a power-hungry alchemist wants it, and releases a sea dragon to eat the competition—literally.

Aileen sees this as an opportunity to prove her worth, but as the stakes are raised, she’ll have to choose between duty and renown.  When the tide washes out, it would have been better if that lost ship had stayed lost.

35 comments on “Elemental Magic: What’s your element?

  1. I’m a Water and hubby is a Fire (which is probably why he likes water so much, and why I’m a bit of a pyromaniac :P).

    I’m so excited for the book! I’m planning on reading Phoenix Feather when I’m done with my re-write. It will be my reward!

  2. Stacy Green says:

    Very interesting! I’m definitely a water, although I have few earth qualities. I’d have to say my hubby is a fire as well. Guess opposites really do attract.

  3. Hartford says:

    Great post – so interesting. Oh lord, I am definitely a bit of water, air and fire. Yikes. Not sure how that all comes together!! LOL!!

    Can’t wait to check out your book – looking forward the release!

  4. Water, pretty sure. I think there are qualities in all elements, but Water is more likely.

    The Rule of Three Writers Challenge

    • There is that problem with all personality quizzes and categories–most people don’t fit into just one. Still, there’s usually at least a 70% match somewhere. Thanks for stopping by, Stuart!

  5. Taryn says:

    Ooh. Can’t wait for the new book.

  6. Water, but love fire animals. Actually, I’m fascinated by and fear both elements. Hmmm…

    Can’t wait to read the new book. Sounds thrilling.

  7. Amber West says:

    I am the enigma that is water AND fire. Does that make me steam? 😉

    (by the way, when the kid lets me, I am loving your book)

  8. This is fascinating! The fantasy piece I’m currently working on has a lot of elemental aspects to it but I’ve derived most of my information from Tarot to stay within the mythos of the world.

    Based on what you have here I’d say I’m mostly earth and fire with some air and That Man is mostly water with some air. Very, very interesting!

    • Hi Raelyn! Does Tarot stick to the four classic elements, or does it branch out to include others such as Ice and Stone separately?

      Hey! Someone *not* water. Lol. And yet, another opposites attract! I agree, very interesting.

      • Tarot does stick to the four main elements. In Tarot water (cups) = emotional side and is the least favorable combination with fire (duh, LOL), fire (wands) = spiritual side, earth (disks) = physical side and is the least favorable combination with air, air (swords) = intellectual side. Thus earth and water are stronger together, and fire and air are stronger together.

  9. I’m water and air. I’d love to be a hawk and I’d enjoy a floating castle in the sky, thank you very much.

    So looking forward to reading both your books Angela!

  10. I’m and Earth and water combo- but in martial arts my fav elements are earth an dfire- water and air take a lot of timing, which is not my gift.

  11. Sia says:

    Oh, definitely water element here. Born in Pisces probably helped along that route. I sometimes practice Pagan rituals (or should say I once did) and I did one to find a elemental totem to assist in other rituals. Well, water was by far the fastest and easiest one to speak to me. Fire gave me tantrums. I spent weeks trying to get the element to speak up and give me a totem already.

  12. […] called Elemental Magic (yeahhhh Angela – you go girl!). As part of her research, she explored the four classic elements and what they represent. After reading it, I realize I am a mixed bag of shit! Seriously, I think I […]

  13. linda says:

    My friend asked me this before, but not with the attached personality test. I chose water, because I get dehydrated easily and it’d be nice to quench my thirst whenever I want, haha. 😛

  14. According to my sign (Aquarius), I’m water…but if I had to choose, I always go with the color red (Fire, Fire – I just channeled Beavis and Butthead, sorry!). But honestly, I’m water. I’m calm, but boy you better watch out if I’m set off! 🙂

  15. jamilajamison says:

    I think I’m water and air, which makes sense, given my astrological placement — I’m born on the cusp of Aquarius (air) and Pisces (water), and I embody the strengths and weaknesses of both. If I could channel any power, though, I’d actually want electricity powers. I’m obsessed with that kind of thing ever since playing Dragon Age. I’m also a huge fan of Storm from the X-Men, and I’ve always wanted the ability to control the weather. 🙂

  16. I’m definitely fire with a touch of water.
    Very cool post and I’m looking forward to your book!

  17. […] piece I’m currently working on is deeply seeped in the elements. Angela Wallace’s Elemental Magic post last week made me realize I never did cover the elements during my Using Tarot in Writing […]

  18. Water with a bit of air (at my age, we don’t like to use the term wind … ). I’m going to download Phoenix Feather as soon as I finish Naomi’s book. This is so much fun!

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