Custom Pony Contest!

Welcome to Imagine That on Wednesdays!  Rebecca Enzor is hosting a contest where writers design their own custom My Little Pony based on their completed novels.  Being a lover of My Little Pony and drawing them, I couldn’t resist.  So here are my ponies based on Phoenix Feather and Elemental Magic!

Phoenix Feather is my official entry for the contest.  This pony represents the character, Aidan Quinn, in both her human and phoenix form.  As a human, she has deep, vibrant red hair, which is one of the features that fits the serial killer’s type in the story.  As a phoenix, she has wings of fire, and the feather plays a key role in the novel, though I can’t explain without giving too much away.

Phoenix Feather–Can a phoenix find happily ever after with a mortal before a serial killer finds her?

And, because I couldn’t help myself, I also designed a custom pony for Elemental Magic, even though it’s not officially part of the contest.  This pony represents the element of water.  The main character, Aileen Donovan, is a water elemental.  The upside down triangle is the symbol for this element, and in the novel it is used as an identifying tattoo for elementals.  Inside the triangle are two dots representing Aileen’s status in her elemental society–Apprentice.  She needs to pass credentialing exams to become a full-fledged Steward and receive her third dot to complete the tattoo.

I hope you guys enjoyed these My Little Ponies.  Check out Rebecca’s post on the contest and read the comments to find others who are participating.  Voting will commence Oct. 5th-15th.

For the rest of September, everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to win a free e-book copy of Elemental Magic when it releases in October.  Five winners will be selected.

Aileen Donovan wants nothing more than recognition as an elemental scientist by her supernatural community.  What better way to do that than to solve a mystery involving a power-hungry alchemist, hallucinogenic coral, and a homicidal sea dragon?  The hardest part will be working with Coast Guard officer Colin Benson—until the tides turn, and Aileen realizes that love and duty may not have to be mutually exclusive.

12 comments on “Custom Pony Contest!

  1. Yay! I love them both 😀 I’m so excited for this contest – so far the ponies have been super cute 🙂

  2. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    These are so cute!! I’m going to have to make one for my book!! Very cool!

  3. Hartford says:

    Adorable!! I love them both. What a fabulous contest. Thanks for sharing Angela.

  4. Wonderful drawings Angela. My daughter had a pony that looked very much like your Elemental Magic Pony — it whinnied when you squeezed it. I kept it for her along with her ponies in case she has a little girl someday.
    Good memories, thanks! Good luck with the contest!

  5. Katy says:

    They are beautiful Angela. I love how you have the wings on fire for the Phoenix Feather pony. So very cool! I’ll have my fingers and toes crossed for you in the contest!

  6. So cute! You are so talented, Angela. The Phoenix Feather pony captures my eye right away, must be the flames (I’m a fire element, remember?). ; )

    Good luck in the contest!

    You know, I bought two ponies at Comic-Con – I have no idea why. I think I was caught up in the ‘exclusive’ moment! Send me your address and I’ll mail one to you. I have a feeling you’ll give it the appropriate love. And all ponies need love.

  7. Lovely! I recently sold off my younger daughter’s My Little Pony collection. Seeing your drawings makes me wish I hadn’t! There’s so sweet!

  8. Awesome, Angela! I love both of them. My 6 year old daughter has a whole collection of My Little Ponies but, unfortunately, she doesn’t play with them anymore. She even has a Halloween trick-or-treat basket with My Little Ponny dressed up as a witch and attached to it!

    Great contest. I’m off to check it out on Rebecca’s website.

  9. Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to see all the other entries. As I’ve told Rebecca, this contest was a fabulous idea. 😀

  10. Aaron Lewis says:

    Wow, they’re both beautiful, and the wings of fire are particularly stunning.


  11. Sarah (Turley) Hogan says:

    I love that you are still drawing ponies Angela!

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