Sand Animation–“Sometimes Dreams Do Come True”

It’s Friday Fancies!

Have you ever seen Sand Animation?  These artists use a lightbox and sand to form pictures.  It’s a live performance art, which means the images only last for a moment.  As a writer, it’s hard for me to imagine creating something and then erasing it, but at least it can be captured on video.  Take a look!

Have a great weekend!

Also, today is the last day to leave a comment and be entered into a drawing to win a free e-book copy of Elemental Magic when it releases in October.  Five winners will be selected.

Aileen Donovan wants nothing more than recognition as an elemental scientist by her supernatural community.  What better way to do that than to solve a mystery involving a power-hungry alchemist, hallucinogenic coral, and a homicidal sea dragon?  The hardest part will be working with Coast Guard officer Colin Benson—until the tides turn, and Aileen realizes that love and duty may not have to be mutually exclusive.

7 comments on “Sand Animation–“Sometimes Dreams Do Come True”

  1. Stacy Green says:

    What a beautiful picture, and no, I’d never heard of this. Very cool! But like you, I can’t imagine creating something and then destroying it.

  2. Hartford says:

    I LOVE these – aren’t they incredible! Always leaves me breathless with awe of the talent people have…simply remarkable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love seeing how others create. It’s the same whether I’m in an art museum or a craft show. This was something I’d never seen. How cool! Thanks!

  4. This is the second time you have posted something that is on my list to use as a blog! Great minds think a like! I love your blurb very catchy- throw some blurb magic my way it’s next on ym to-do list. 🙂

    • Really?! Haha. We must be plugged into the same router for the great collective creative genius in the sky.

      Thank you! That blurb took quite a bit of outside help. Find someone to throw it at five or six times, and you’ll hammer out a good one. 🙂

  5. What beautiful art. The second figure just captivated me and then I wanted to cry when she erased part of the work. I’m sure video is nice, but I need to stare! lol.

    That’s fascinating work. Thanks!

  6. Very cool. I’ve never heard of sand animation, but it’s quite intriguing! Simply amazing.

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