Cover Reveal ~ Dry Spell

I am really excited for the second Elemental Magic novel to come out some time in the next couple months.  I can’t give an exact date because I’ve learned I really can’t predict the future or control unforeseen events (though I’m shooting for early April, fingers crossed).  But take a look at the awesome cover, done by BookGraphics.

Aileen Donovan is an elemental with magical control over water.  When Aileen finds a mummified body at a scientist’s convention in Seattle, she suspects supernatural foul play.  Her amateur sleuthing, however, isn’t the romantic getaway her human boyfriend, Colin, had in mind.  Breaking into crime scenes and fending off black magic doesn’t really set the mood.

As more bodies turn up, Aileen’s insatiable desire to solve the mystery not only pits her against a serial killer, but also a cunning vampire lord, and an elemental agent with ulterior motives.

But the closer Aileen gets to the killer, the further she finds herself from Colin.  Can she try to salvage their relationship and stop a murderer, or is she out of her supernatural league?

You can add the book to your TBR list on Goodreads.


And here’s a Mash-Up of Awesomeness for your reading pleasure:

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24 comments on “Cover Reveal ~ Dry Spell

  1. Yay for more books! 😀 Beautiful cover 🙂

  2. Great cover! Book Graphics did one for me just recently. She’s awesome isn’t she? 🙂

  3. LOVE it!!! OMG!!! Amazing!!

  4. Congrats on the upcoming release! Nice cover, too!

  5. Stacy Green says:

    Congrats, Angela! Love the cover. Do you design these yourself?

    • Thanks, Stacy! I didn’t design this one. In fact, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted, which makes Dawn (BookGraphics) all that more amazing because she took nothing and we eventually came up with this. 🙂

  6. Great cover, Angela! Looking forward to it. 🙂

  7. Thanks everyone! 🙂 ❤

  8. Love the cover! So looking forward to reading this 🙂

  9. Adriana Ryan says:

    Yay!! Congrats, Angela!!!

  10. There’s something about having the cover done that makes it that much more real, doesn’t it? Great cover, Angela! I loved Elemental Magic so I know Dry Spell is going to be just as fabulous, if not better! So happy for you, Angela!

    Thanks, also for the shout out! Sending cyber love to you, A!!!

  11. Super huge congratulations on the book and cover! I love that cover, but you better keep Aileen and Colin together! Ooooh, I can’t wait to get this one and read it in one go like I did Elemental Magic. Awesome!

    Hey, thanks for the linky luv. You’re absolutely fabulous, darling.

  12. I’m sold on the premise and wow, what a cover! I don’t read many super natural tales, but this one sounds like a winner. Best wishes for UBER success!

  13. T.F.Walsh says:

    Looks gorgeous… going to tag it on goodreads now:)

  14. Love the cover, and you had me smiling during the cover copy 🙂 Whenever it does come out, if you’re planning on doing guest posts or interviews to promote, please keep me in mind. I’d love to have you visit my blog.

  15. So I’ve already told you I loved the cover – and I do – and now I have it on my Goodreads TBR list. (That was smart of you!)

    Looking forward to reading it, Angela!

  16. Alina Sayre says:

    It’s beautiful, Angela! And thanks for the mash-up mention 🙂 Book #3 on its way into the world!

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