Meet Buffy

This girl’s got spunk. She can tussle with the best of ‘em and still manage to look stylish doing so. She’s got an outfit for every occasion—vampire slayings, demon vanquishing, averting the apocalypse. Though, these activities have been known to get messy. Being a vampire slayer is not easy on the wardrobe. There was this one chiffon blouse, a gorgeous cream with frills at the neck…anyway, Buffy tangled with a big, badass vamp from a biker gang. We’re talking the complete black leather get-up, hulking shoulders stretching the seams, and sunglasses (yes, at night <eyeroll>). Not to worry, Buffy did a few back flips, a few kicks, gave him a lesson in fashion, and finally staked him through the heart. Except he sort of burst like a popped balloon, raining down bits of vampire dust on her clothes and hair. Tragically, the chiffon didn’t make it. That’s the sacrifice a heroine must make, however. So vamps beware, this girl’s got a horn and hairspray, and she’s not afraid to use them.

Now you tell me, what are some other fashion faux pas Buffy’s had to slay?  I look forward to reading your comments!

*This pony was made with General Zoi’s Pony Creator.

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4 comments on “Meet Buffy

  1. Susan A. says:

    I love that shade of purple and the arm circlets are cute!

  2. She’s so pretty 🙂 Unfortunately I never watched the show, so I can’t answer the question 😛

  3. LOL! I love those arm – leg? – bands. Buffy sounds fierce, and not the kind of pony I’d want to see on a pony ride.

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