“One of These Lonely Orkney Isles”

Life has been very busy lately. In addition to the day job taking a lot of focus right now, Earth Tones’s book tour is under way. Did you guys check out the interviews I had with Tameri Etherton and Alina Sayre? This week I’m over with Raelyn Barclay on Tuesday for another author chat, and Rebecca Enzor this coming Friday and Sunday for an excerpt and an Earth Tones My Little Pony! Don’t miss the fun!

Not wanting to neglect my blog completely, but running up this post at the last minute, I’m going to dazzle you with something brand new! Okay, maybe not dazzle. It’s poetry. Now, I don’t consider myself anywhere near a poet, but I’ve written some. I suspect every writer has tried a hand at it at least a few times.

“One of These Lonely Orkney Isles”

The wind blew up and around
the stones like a cyclone,
disturbing a century of dust.
She traced her fingers over
the runes carved in granite,
while he stood on the altar in the center of
the ring, telling her stories of the druids
and heroic kings. With a reed in hand, he lunged
at the wind, turned, and vaulted the stone,
dancing out an ancient battle.
She wove hawthorn into
her hair and laughed when he claimed to have bested the wind.
He climbed the highest pillar and shouted
to the ocean how he would sail its currents and search
its depths for treasure; she gazed at the hills
where the sheep grazed and the collies stood guard.
Sea spray salted their cheeks, both the color
of rose nipped by chill. They linked hands, and before turning
back towards the village, he leaned over
and kissed her, then dashed across the meadow,
laughing to the wind.

How about you guys? Writer or reader, have you tried your hand at poetry or song writing?


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9 comments on ““One of These Lonely Orkney Isles”

  1. Beautiful poem! I used to try my hand at poetry, but it wasn’t any good so I quit 😛

  2. Alina Sayre says:

    Nice, Angela! I liked this poem, and also your vulnerability in sharing. Way to open up a new dimension of your writing 🙂 Also, I REALLY want to go to the Orkneys someday…

  3. Lovely poem, Angela! Limericks are about the best I can muster.

  4. sandy says:

    Just made you my first paranormal series at http://www.sweetmysterybooks.com/paranormal.php Loved your Elemental Magic.

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