A Wet LOL Cat

It has been way too long since we’ve had an LOL cat post. This week I’d like to thank Jennifer for providing the adorable picture. Now you guys give me your captions with bad grammar and hilarious sentiments. Friday I’ll post the best caption with the picture. Have at it!

Wet cat


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6 comments on “A Wet LOL Cat

  1. I said NO pictures!

    • Haha, good one, Patricia. Cats HATE it when we notice their embarrassment. And to document it? If they really knew what the camera was for, photo albums might meet the paper shredder while mom and dad are away.

  2. Diana Beebe says:

    “What fish? I don’t see fish in that–” *burp* “–tank.”

    I love that kitty! 😀

  3. Brooklynn Brodigan says:

    “I can’t believe you’d throw me in the pool after four hours of grooming! Now I have to start over!”

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