Dirk and Lexa Custom Ponies

Wasn’t PonyFest13 a blast? I love seeing all the different custom designs people come up with for their books. Even though my Dreamwalker pony didn’t win, I had fun drawing it. And once that bug bites, I typically can’t stop, so here are two more ponies based on the Dreamwalker saga: Dirk and Lexa!

Dirk & Lexa

dream assassin 1000x1600 Dreamstealer-AngelaWallace-600x900

I hope you’re caught up on the Dreamwalker saga because I am thrilled to announce that the epic conclusion to the series will be coming out very soon. And for those subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll be getting something special when the book is available.


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10 comments on “Dirk and Lexa Custom Ponies

  1. I love the Dirk and Lexa ponies! There’s so much movement in that piece 🙂

  2. Alina Sayre says:

    Hehe, and Lexa is stomping on Dirk’s tail 😛

  3. I never got into the My Little Ponies but I enjoy your talent of drawing them and the character based ones are just plain fun!

  4. You have outdone yourself once again!! Dirk and Lexa are beautiful, Angela!!

  5. Diana Beebe says:

    PonyFest was a blast–and is a little bit addictive. These Dirk and Lexa ponies are gorgeous!

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