NEW RELEASE: Storm Chaser

Here it is, the fifth book in the Elemental Magic series! This was quite a challenge to write in terms of the main character, Sylphie, the science, and a host of other things beyond my realm of knowledge or experience. It did make for fun research though. (And excuse me if not everything is entirely accurate.) So I hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

AW-SC-bk-5-432x648 Air elemental Sylphie Seaton has the perfect job—chasing twisters. Every year she and her team of elemental scientists hit the road during tornado season to track the elusive weather phenomena in order to collect new data.

Things are about to get complicated when Eric Gage, an extreme photojournalist, comes along for the ride. He’s human, and completely ignorant about the supernatural world. Sylphie can’t decide whether to find the man charming or infuriating, a tension that’s tested when they go up against one of Nature’s most volatile forces.

For something’s off with this season’s twisters. There’s an eerie echo in the wind, and the most destructive weather events seem a little too targeted. It’s impossible to control a tornado…or so she thought. But when Gage stumbles upon an unnatural pattern and a shady corporation, Sylphie is drawn into a deadly conspiracy that could not only expose elementals, but cost the lives of everyone she holds dear.

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