LOL Cat Contest

I think it’s time for another LOL Cat game, don’t you? Put on your thinking caps for this one because I’m going to be choosing the most clever or funniest caption to go with this picture. In addition, everyone who plays will be entered into a drawing to win an e-book! I’ll have a prize pack from which the winner may choose one book they’re interested in; see below for specific titles. Sound fun? Okay, show me what you got!

LOL cat 3

I will be picking the winners Thursday night and posting the results Friday. If you are not interested in being entered for the contest, just say so in your comment. Valid email is required for entries. Dreamstealer-AngelaWallace-600x900

Prizes to choose from: (Please note, the last three titles linked below may only be awarded through Kindle)

Any of my books (including my next release!), which you can read about here.

The Fourth Channel The Fourth Channel by Jen Kirchner—a laugh-out-loud comic urban fantasy

Souled cover Souled by Diana Murdock—an intriguing YA paranormal

Darkness Haunts Darkness Haunts by Susan Illene—a slightly dark, kick-ass urban fantasy


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Heroines of Fantasy: Miss April

Well, based on interest from last month’s installment of this series, and that April is the fourth month of the year, I’m going to go ahead and give the fourth Charmed sister her own feature. Here she is.

Paige MatthewsPaige Matthews

We’re introduced to Paige in Season Four of Charmed. The Power of Three had been broken at the end of Season Three (not saying how), and, naturally, the only way to fix it was to discover a half-sister the Halliwell’s had never known about. Paige is the daughter of mother witch Patty and her whitelighter, Sam (tragic love story that coincidentally mirrors Piper’s own situation…). Paige was given up for adoption because if the Powers That Be ever found out a witch and whitelighter had gotten together, there would be trouble. Unfortunately, Paige’s adoptive parents were killed in a car accident when she was in high school, in which she miraculously survived.

When we meet Paige, she’s working at Social Services as an assistant, though she’s trying to climb the ranks to actual social worker. She has no idea she has magical powers until she meets her half-sisters. Because Paige is a whitelighter, her magic manifests itself a little differently. She can “orb,” which is basically a glowing lights version of “Beam me up, Scotty.” And when she tries to telepathically move things, they end up orbing too.

Paige Orbing

“I’ll take that crossbow.”

Paige is the youngest sister, and since she grew up an only child, she struggles to fit into the family dynamic the other Charmed Ones are used to having. Paige is independent and stubborn, and it takes her a while to learn to work as a team with her new sisters. She also struggles to find her own identity outside of running to the beck and call of her family and fighting demons. She tries many things in order to find her place in the world, including being a full-time witch (during which time a potion explosion turns her hair carrot orange red for a season), various temp jobs, and even teaching at magic school.

Like Phoebe, Paige loves being a witch, but it still sometimes gets in the way of romantic relationships. She even falls in love with a male witch at one point who has an unhealthy addiction to magic. Trying to keep her beau from casting spells while she’s running around doing it all day isn’t the best for a healthy relationship…

So with her, the Power of Three lives on and these kick-ass witches continue to fight evil, find love, and look good doing it.


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Blackout Poetry

I came across this very interesting concept a couple weeks ago and discovered it’s an actual art form. So what is blackout poetry? Well, an artist takes a piece of printed material, whether a page out of a book, newspaper, article, etc. and draws swirls or images all over it, blacking out most of the words. BUT, the key is that select words are left untouched, creating a poem. Fascinating, huh?

So I thought I’d give it a try. I approached mine more like a doodle, which is why the scrawlings are kind of random. Perhaps that’s why the people who make these are considered artists, not writers. Anyway, I’ve seen some gorgeous pictures of blacked out drawings that relate to the topic of the poem. I won’t re-post them here because of copyright issues, but type “blackout poetry” into Google and be amazed at what pops up.

Blackout poetry

Copyright Angela Wallace 2013

Not the best “poem” lol, but it was a fun exercise to try. If any of you feel an itch to give it a go, I’d love to see what you come up with!


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LOL Cat Shuffle Results!

Congratulations to Diana Beebe! Her caption suggestion was selected as the winner for our LOL Cat Shuffle. I used a very scientific process for this: I wrote all the suggestions on strips of paper, folded them several times, and then tossed them in the air in front of the kitten. The first one she attacked and chewed on was declared the winner. See? 😉 So here it is!

"Yesh, my hidey sleeve"

Thanks to everyone for playing! I hope you come back the next time I have an LOL Cat Shuffle. Sadly though, my little darlings have been doing so many cute things and they STOP before I can get the camera out. I need to wear it around my neck 24/7 or something. Or install security cameras.


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LOL Cat Shuffle

Okay everyone, time to put your thinking caps on. I have another cute cat picture in need of a funny caption in order to make it an LOL cat picture. So drink some coffee, browse for inspiration, and practice your poor spelling. Here we go!

I See You copy

Thursday night I’ll put all your suggestions in a box…maybe I’ll even let one of the cats dig out the winner. And remember to come back Friday and see the final LOL cat picture!


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Friendship Is Magic: Much Ado About Nothing

Love is in the air! I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day. And now get ready because Jen Kirchner and I are revamping two famous looove stories. Over here we’re taking Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing and giving it a Friendship Is Magic twist. Then be sure to hop over to Jen’s blog where she brings some much needed ass-whupping with Better With Predator: Fifty Shades of Predator. (I’ll include the link again at the bottom for easy referencing. 🙂 )

Much Ado About Nothing poster   Don Pedro and his nobleponies return from war after having quashed the melancholic uprising led by his pessimistic half-brother Don John. Among the victors are the sharp-tongued Benedick and the young Count Claudio. The gay and triumphant party comes to stay with Leonato and his family. Witty Benedick and fierce Beatrice have a longtime war of words between the two, and boyish Claudio has fallen in love with Beatrice’s cousin, Hero. When Prince Don Pedro learns of Claudio’s feelings, he insists on arranging the match.

Ever sullen and ill-tempered, Don John means to mess with these good intentions.

At a masquerade ball, Prince Don Pedro plans to woo Hero and then give her to Claudio. But his grumpy brother tells Claudio that the prince loves Hero and plans to gallop off into the sunset with her himself. The poor sap falls for it. He turns green with jealousy for all to see, but after a pouting display of barely refrained tears and a quivering lip, he deflates when Don Pedro gives him Hero as promised.

Now the prince needs to pass the time until the wedding. Ah, perfect! He’ll see to matchmaking Benedick and Beatrice! Of course, with the two ponies sworn off marriage, that will be quite the challenge.

Leonato, Claudio, and the Prince stage a loud conversation of how much Beatrice loves Benedick, how she whinnies in fits of painful love, knowing that Benedick is hiding within earshot. Hero and her gentlewoman play the same trick on Beatrice. They both fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Disgusted with the merrymaking and not to be defeated, Don John has his dragon servant Borachio meet with Hero’s gentlepony in Hero’s chamber window where they share a triple hot fudge sundae. Don John brings Claudio and the Prince to witness this breach of the boyfriend/girlfriend code and convinces them it is Hero. Claudio, of course, is heartbroken. Hot fudge sundaes are his favorite.

Celebrating his mischief-making, Borachio brags of his act in the ears of the watchponies, who then arrest him. The next morning, Constable Dogberry goes to Leonato to have the fiendish dragon examined, but Leonato is too impatient preparing for the wedding to decipher Dogberry’s incoherent babble around his slobbering muzzle.

At the wedding, Claudio takes the bride and groom’s ceremonial ice cream cake and shoves it in Hero’s face, and then leaves her at the altar. Publicly disgraced, Hero balls her eyes out over the ruined wedding, and the ruined cake she spent all night making. The Friar plots to hide Hero and publish that upon Claudio’s vile and hurtful words, she died. (Sugar overdose may have played a part as well.)

Beatrice and Benedick linger to share a sweet moment alone where they declare their love for one another. Beatrice then asks Benedick to shave Claudio’s mane and tail and horseshoe him.
Benedick’s response: “Um, let’s be friends first!”
After more ranting from the also sugar dosed Beatrice, Benedick finally agrees to challenge Claudio. Just after the horseshoe is thrown down, the story of Don John’s deception comes to light and Claudio and the Prince are sorely grieved for their mistake. Claudio begs Leonato for forgiveness, and the old pony gives it on the condition that Claudio marry Beatrice. Claudio agrees.

When the bride is brought forth, veiled, she is revealed to be none other than Hero herself. They profess their undying love. Benedick and Beatrice discover everyone had played with their heart strings and declare they in fact don’t love each other, but Hero and Claudio produce evidence to the contrary: school notebooks with each other’s name drawn in hearts. They kiss and all are friends again. With the exception of Don John, who is caught after escaping. Benedick devises grave punishments for him, beginning with listening to “It’s A Small World” over and over in chipmunk voices. And they all go prancing into happily ever after.


Now don’t forget to hop over and read about Fifty Shades of Predator!


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Our Coffee LOL Cats

Monday I gave you guys some cute cat pictures and asked you to put the looks on those mischievous cats’ faces into words. Here is the result, via Tameri Etherton and Alina Sayre. Thanks for playing!

Must haz more coffee

Don't touch my coffeez

If you missed out playing this round, I’ll post another one in the future.


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Dating A Vampire: The Holiday Dinner

So you’ve been dating a vampire for several months now and you’re ready to introduce him to your family. It’s the holiday season and everyone will be gathering at your parents’ house; what better time and place to introduce them to the love of your life? Now, while you’re obsessing over how your family will react when they meet your darling love, try to remember to be sensitive to his circumstance as well.

The hallmark of Thanksgiving and Christmas is the big family dinner. You’ll sit down at the table with your vamp boyfriend by your side. Everyone else will be exchanging nervous glances as they pass the yams and the dinner rolls. But your sweetheart won’t be able to partake of any of it. Maybe he’ll be polite and fill his plate, but he won’t actually eat any of it. (Word of advice, don’t let that become a topic of discussion at the table; someone’s likely to faint.)

What’s a decent fellow to do when he’s literally allergic to everything on the dinner menu except the guests? Well, if you’re a sensitive girlfriend, you’ll plan ahead with a special treat just for him.

Bloody Mary

By Gina Collecchia

Photo by Gina Collecchia under Creative Commons license

This tantalizing drink will blend in a little in front of the other guests. Top with a slice of veal or other juicy raw meat. Don’t forget to label the mixture in the fridge so someone else doesn’t decide to try it.

Food allergies can really dampen the holidays. They create a barrier that prevents a person from fully participating in the festivities, which are usually centered around food. Even though I would sit at the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table with a scoop of mashed potatoes on my plate, I always felt like I was really standing outside with my face pressed against the window as everyone else “mmmed” and “ahhed” over the other delicacies. If you’re going to have a holiday guest with food restrictions, try to make something special for them. Or better yet, try to adapt the whole meal with substitutes. There are some great and tasty alternatives out there. Besides, the holidays aren’t about the food, but about the people you share it with.


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Do You Sparkle?

Last week on Debra Kristi’s blog I was introduced to Lindsey Stirling, a dubstep violinist.  Debra wrote a lovely post about the places that call to us, whether for beauty, memories, or energy.  The location in the music video she shared sure was gorgeous, and I can’t help but to share it again here.  But what struck me most about the video was the artist herself.  When Lindsey plays that violin, you can see she loses herself in the music.  The genuine passion, love, and life in her expression is probably what touched me the most.

After I self-published my second book, was writing my third, and had just made the overall decision that this was what I would do with my life, my doctor and friend made this observation: “Your eyes sparkle.”  It didn’t matter if there were still health problems, or if I was in pain; in fact, it didn’t seem to hurt as bad as it used to.  Because I was in love with my life and my pursuits.

I love the story playing out in Lindsey’s music videos.  This sense of awe, delight, and pure joy.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.  I hope you fall in love with it just as I did.  And even more so, I hope you live with the same unadulterated passion that makes your eyes sparkle to everyone you meet.

It’s a Tag Party!

Stacy Green tagged me a couple weeks ago with this fun, get-to-know-you meme.  And I’m finally getting around to answering them!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.


If you could live in a fictional world, where would that be?
Narnia–Talking animals, unicorns, griffins, mermaids, and magic swords.  Plus Aslan.  🙂
Do you read in noisy or quiet places?
Both.  I’ll often read at home when it’s quiet, or out in between jobs when it’s noisy.  I also read during commercials while watching TV.
What was the first book you ever read?
Hm, what was it called…McGregor, McGruff, something anthology.  Book 1 was like simple level, and each book went up in difficulty.  It’s what my dad taught me to read with.
If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.  I read it a couple times every year.
Favorite author?
I can’t pick just one!  Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong, Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr…the list goes on.
Do reviews influence your choice of reads?
It depends on what the reviews say.  If they’re well thought-out with specific explanations for positive/negative, and I know that I like that type of thing, or don’t like that type of thing, then I may or may not read the book.
Fiction or Non fiction?
Have you ever met your favorite author?
No, but I got close one time.  I went to a panel/book event and got to see some authors I like.  Well, sort of see.  Most of them were rather short and the stage wasn’t very high, lol.
Audio books or Paperbacks?
Classic or Modern Novels?
Book Groups or Solitary Reading?

Tag, You’re It!  And I’m going to follow the lead of Stacy and just say the same questions.  😉

1. Alina Sayre

2. Katy Hulme

3. Jessica O’Neal

4. Tameri Etherton

5. Angela Peart

6. Bridgette Booth

7. Rebecca Enzor

8. Jen Kirchner

9. Tiffany White

10. Debra Kristi

11. Sharon Howard