A few minutes in the life of a sign language interpreter

It’s Friday Fancies!  Let’s have a good laugh and a mash-up of awesomeness.

Here’s a glimpse into the life of a sign language interpreter.  Now, I have yet to experience this personally, but stories abound from my colleagues, so it’s fair to say I might find myself in the following situation.  My answers, though, won’t be quite so blunt.  😉

This is funny, but sad because this has happened somewhere—many somewheres actually.  Once you’re on the “inside,” you can laugh about it, but those on the “outside” who have probably never met a Deaf person before are genuinely perplexed.  Some of their questions seem perfectly reasonable to them.  It’s important to spread awareness.

How much do you know about Deaf culture?  Did you know there is one?  I’m not an expert, though I am pretty familiar with the community since I studied and work in it.  I’ll try to answer any questions people have.  We’ll never be able to break down stereotypes if we don’t actively search for the truth.

Mash-up of Awesomeness:

The benefits of book piracy” by Katy Hulme–Or rather, Neil Gaiman on Katy’s blog.  🙂

Dr. Twuth–Bots Make Me Bonkers” by Kristen Lamb–Twitter etiquette and how to not drive yourself crazy on it.

Tarot: Elements” by Raelyn Barclay–Fascinating research of the elements according to Tarot.

Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday–Castle” by Amber West–If you’re not watching Castle, you need to be, and Amber will tell you all about its awesomeness.

The Backbone of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’” by Lyn Midnight–Lyn takes a look at the elements that made Buffy the Vampire Slayer the phenomenon and beloved show it was.

My Mom–My Bestie” by Elena Aitken–A lovely post about how her mom is one of her best friends.

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You’re A Firework

It’s Friday Fancies over here and I’ve got music and singing for you–only this type of singing doesn’t use pitch and tone.  This video is a beautiful ASL interpretation of Katy Perry’s song “Firework.”  Some people think American Sign Language is just English on the hands, but it is its own language.  It has its own structure and grammatical rules.  Sometimes there are signs that correspond with English words; often there are not.  (That’s what makes being an interpreter so fun and challenging!)

Have you seen ASL before?  Even if you don’t know the language, were you able to feel the emotion from the signer?  I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great weekend everybody!