Sneak Peek: Spliced Magic


Excerpt, Spliced Magic

I grabbed some coveralls from a cabinet and slipped into them, then rolled the tool cart over to the TIV, my baby. She was a cherry red Ford 350 Super Duty truck with four-wheel drive and a 6.7-liter turbo charged Diesel engine with propane and water injection. I’d take her home with me, if it weren’t for the modifications: aluminum, steel, Kevlar, and polycarbonate armor, hydraulic wind skirts on all sides, and stabilizing spikes. The TIV was a 14,000-pound tank that would probably scare most other drivers in Tulsa off the road. It was too bad I only ever got to drive her May through June.

I changed the oil, cleaned the cylinders, flushed the fuel injection system, and was about to move on to rotating the tires when my cell phone rang. My nerves were still wound so tight that I bumped my head on the elevated hood as I jerked up. Rubbing the sore spot with one hand, I frantically fished my phone out of my pocket with the other, not even caring that I was getting grease on the case. Preston’s name lit up the caller ID.

I swiped the answer arrow, then tucked the phone between my ear and shoulder so I could grab a rag. “Hey.”

“Hey, you at home?” There was a tightness in his voice that made me take notice.

“No, the garage.”

Preston sighed. “Mind calling me back from an office line?” He sounded a little put out by the request, which baffled me since it was coming from him in the first place.

“I guess, but why?”

He hung up without answering, and I pulled the phone away from my ear to stare at it in bewilderment. Shaking my head, I went to the sink and washed my hands before heading into the lab. I didn’t bother flipping a light switch, as there was enough illumination from the ten computers sitting on the right side of the large room. Their screen savers alternated between slideshow photos of our team and generic swirly rainbows. We left the computers on over the weekend because they were processing data and running simulations that couldn’t be interrupted. That also meant the air conditioning ran constantly, and the shades on all the windows were pulled down to keep the place cool.

I slumped into a rolling chair from one of the desks and picked up the landline telephone. Preston answered before the first ring had finished.

“You alone?”

I quirked a confused brow. “Yes. What’s going on?”

Preston made a disgruntled noise. “Josh called me.”

What?” I lurched to my feet, sending the chair wheeling back to knock against another desk. “Is he okay? Where the hell is he? And why did he call you?”

“Before you get pissed, he only called me to pass on a message to you. He didn’t call you directly because he’s afraid your phone might be tapped.”

Preston snorted as though the idea was ridiculous. I, however, felt a chill down my spine. Would the SPA tap my phone? Maybe if they didn’t believe I hadn’t heard from my brother, or they thought Josh would reach out eventually. Which he had, finally, though I was going to ream him good for making me crazy with worry.

I took a deep breath. “What’d he say?”

“He wants you to meet him,” Preston said tightly. “Where—and I quote—‘you beat up Howard Minke.’ The first time.”

I blinked. Josh was using code? Was it because he was afraid the SPA was listening in, or because he didn’t trust Preston, even though Josh was using him as a middle man? I pinched the bridge of my nose. This was too much. At least I knew the place he was referring to, and it was only a twenty-minute drive with no traffic on a late Sunday afternoon.

A cold thought dropped a lead ball into my stomach. What if the SPA was watching me? I didn’t want to lead them to Josh, not without hearing his side first. My head turned toward the parking lot where my motorcycle had been sitting unattended for the past six hours. And before that, it’d been at my apartment while I’d walked to the café to meet Gage. What if Agents Ford and Romero had stuck a tracker on it? I snorted to myself; now I sounded paranoid. Still…

“Can I borrow your car?”

“Sylphie,” Preston said, tone warning. “Don’t get mixed up in this.”

“He’s my brother.”

“Then do what’s best for Josh and convince him to turn himself in.”

I gritted my teeth and said irritably, “I can’t very well do that if I don’t go meet him. And it’d be better if I drove him back in a car, not on the back of my bike.” I heard a scowl on the other end of the line.

“Fine, just…try not to get charged aiding a fugitive.”

“They’d have to catch me first.”

I wasn’t completely convinced the SPA would be on my tail, but if they were, they wouldn’t find me an easy target. I outran tornados for a living; I could certainly outrun them.

Spliced Magic is available for pre-order on Amazon. Release date August 3, 2015.

Sylphie Seaton’s life is about to get turned upside-down when her brother ends up wanted for murder. Framed and dying from exposure to a genetically engineered super serum, Josh turns to Sylphie for help clearing his name and finding a cure. But the conspiracy may go deeper than either of them ever imagined, and not even an acclaimed storm chaser can outrun this tempest.

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Sneak Peek: Storm Chaser

AW-SC-bk-5-432x648Excerpt, Storm Chaser

The Missouri River came up on our right, and sure enough, a wall cloud was slowly descending over the water. I floored the gas, bringing the TIV to sixty miles an hour as we skimmed under the edge of the rotating cloud. The rain lightened save for a few haphazard splatters, meaning we were beneath the rain-free base where a funnel would emerge.

“Sylphie, pull back a little,” Dad’s voice crackled. “The RFD’s kicking up.”

I’d felt it already, knew we were right alongside the clear slot. The buoyant rear flank downdraft had dried out the clouds and I could feel the warm inflow gusting around the truck. I followed my dad’s instructions and eased off the gas a bit. Our team would be hanging back at the moment, waiting to see not only if we’d get a cyclone, but if it would hit land, hopefully this side of the river as there’d be no point chasing it across a bridge. If it happened to shift its path, you didn’t want to be caught on an overpass.

I sensed the funnel before I saw it, a much smaller twisting of air descending from the center of the wall cloud. It connected with the river, exploding in a column of blue. I increased speed to keep pace with it, but stayed a good distance behind in case it decided to bank left and cross our path.

Gage’s camera clicked furiously. It wasn’t an extreme twister, probably an F1, maybe pushing F2 with wind speed approaching 110 miles per hour. But it was beautiful nonetheless, like an ice-blue snake bending and contorting in a vertical dance, head buried in the clouds as its jaws devoured lightning.

“Not bad, huh?” I said over the cyclone’s whistling.

Gage took a split second to flash me a grin before returning his eyes to the camera’s viewfinder.

“Sylphie,” David’s serious tone cut in. “You seeing that?”

I immediately pulled my focus back and scanned the air currents. Shoot, the thing was gaining speed.

“See what?” Gage asked.

“It’s getting stronger,” I said, tightening my grip on the wheel and watching for a signal it would change direction. At the moment, the waterspout seemed content just to coast up the river.

Gage tilted his head away from his camera, brow quirked. “How can you tell?”

“Experience,” I hastily replied. “Man, if the thing would just come ashore we might be able to get the probe out.” But even a low-level intensity tornado like this one was beyond our physical and mental limits to control, not unless we all pulled off the road, stood in a circle, and concentrated like a bunch of Wiccans chanting a spell. Minus the chanting.

Lightning whipped across the sky like fractured glass. A branch backlit the cyclone, filling it with a refracted glow that reminded me of a pale, buzzing, Jedi sword. Thunder cracked above our heads, rattling the bulletproof windows. More streaks cut through the clouds in rapid succession. I only had a split second to recognize one of the discharges was flashing straight down for ground contact, and even then I couldn’t stop it as the charge struck a power line several yards ahead on our left. Sparks exploded in a showering sizzle and a live wire suddenly whipped out, slashing across the road.

I swore and cranked the wheel right, slamming Gage and David against the far side of the truck. The TIV careened onto a side road—straight onto a small bridge.

“What the hell are you doing, Sylphie?” Dad’s alarmed voice shouted. He would’ve seen the abrupt turn on GPS, but not the reason for it.

“Sorry!” I exclaimed to my passengers before snatching up the radio to assuage my dad. “Wayward lightning strike, nothing to worry about.”

“Sylphie, it’s shifting!”

I jerked my attention out the driver’s side window at the twister I’d assumed would be leaving us behind. But the waterspout suddenly wrenched around, its top veering back while the bottom half took a twisted moment to switch gears and change direction. And it was heading straight for us.

“Oh.” Crap on toast. “Hang on.”

I jammed my foot on the brake, jolting everyone forward. Gage clutched his camera protectively to his chest with one arm while catching himself on the dash with the other. David thudded against the back of my seat with an “oomph.” The back tires squealed and started to slip. Pumping the brakes, I steered into the skid, focusing on keeping the truck steady. The buzzing cyclone was nearly on top of us.

As soon as the TIV came to a jerking full stop, I dropped the stabilizing spikes and wind skirts, nearly jumping out of my skin as my gaze darted between the twister bearing down on us and the slowly deploying hydraulics. The metal teeth hit the ground and dug in just as the truck started to wobble in the increasing wind speed.

The cyclone hissed and veered right in front of us, a sheet of water covering the windows and blinding visibility. Gage kept shooting pictures anyway. The truck lurched and tipped a few feet to the side and I let out an exultant whoop as the waterspout’s sheer power enveloped my senses in a wash of sensory overload. Twisting air currents, colliding temperatures, and the electrostatic discharge converging in a raging storm right over our heads sent my heart into overdrive and flooded my system with endorphins. I lived for this high.

Storm Chaser is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Release date October 16.

Air elemental Sylphie Seaton has the perfect job—chasing twisters. She’s excited for another season of tracking them until Eric Gage, an extreme photojournalist, shows up for a ride along. When he stumbles upon a pattern of unnatural storms and a shady corporation, Sylphie is drawn into a deadly conspiracy that could not only expose the supernatural, but cost the lives of everyone she holds dear.


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NEW RELEASE ~ Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver-AngelaWallace-500x750Well, the end is here; the epic conclusion to the Dreamwalker saga is now available. I hope my readers find it a satisfying end to the series. And here’s a teaser for your enjoyment.


Movement flitted in Taryn’s peripheral vision. Silent creeping gave the raider away and she swung her bow to the right. The loosed arrow whizzed over the back of Mathias’s horse, just past the councilman’s shoulder, and landed in the chest of her target.

Mathias jerked forward over his horse’s neck. “What the hell?” He shot her another scathing look, but then followed her gaze to the slain pirate five feet away. Even in the firelight, some of the color drained from his face.

Taryn pursed her lips. “Lexa’s a good teacher.”

“Incoming.” Tobiah swung off his horse and faced up the street where four raiders poured out of the inky darkness.

Mathias drew his sword. Taryn hoped the councilman really did know how to use it. From Lexa’s stories, she hadn’t thought very highly of the man’s skills in combat. Taryn strung another arrow and raised her arms. The raiders lumbered toward them.

A high-pitched whistle pierced her eardrums as a cannonball shot through one building, cutting across the road in front of them and imploding the building on the other side of the street. Splinters and chunks of wood whipped through the air on the crest of a wave of fire.

Storm screamed and reared. That and the force of the explosion threw Taryn to the ground. Her elbow smacked against dirt and debris pelted her body. She threw her arms up to protect her head. An intense ringing drilled a hole through her ears into her skull, dulling her senses. Taryn blinked her eyes open and saw multiple sets of hooves running away. Striking white bobbed up the street and out of sight; she hoped Storm was okay.

Taryn forced herself up. Chips of wood ran down her neck and she brushed them away. The entire street was awash with blazing orange and scarlet. Where were Mathias and Tobiah? She twisted around, frantically searching the scatter of rubble.

Movement ten feet to her left caught her eye as a hunched figure pushed a panel of wood off his back and stood. Taryn saw the blue armband near his shoulder.

“Tobiah!” She coughed as smoke and dust attempted to clog her throat and nostrils.

The man stumbled toward her. A spurt of flame in the building’s wreckage to their left illuminated his face and Taryn’s eyes widened. That wasn’t Tobiah.

Splinters stuck out of the raider’s gnarly beard. A nasty gash cut across his temple and streamed blood over one eye, but he seemed not to notice. He staggered toward her, hollow eyes gleaming an unearthly yellow in the reflection of the firelight.

Taryn scooted around on the ground. Where was her bow? She reached out a hand instinctively, expecting to summon a new weapon as she would in the dreamscape, for a moment forgetting that in the waking world, battles didn’t work that way.


Get your copy of Dreamweaver on Amazon and B&N

With her father in a coma, Princess Taryn desperately tries to hold her kingdom together against conniving dukes, soulless raiders, and people being snatched from their dreams. Not to mention the insufferable Prince Fenir still wants to marry her. But when Taryn finds herself pitted against an unearthly invader in an epic battle to save both the dreamscape and waking world, she may have to sacrifice everything she holds dear.


*DW 3D*Dreamstealer 3D*DA 3DDreamsnatcher 3D

Get caught up on the series with DreamwalkerDreamstealerDream Assassin, and Dreamsnatcher.


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Sneak Peek ~ Dreamsnatcher


This scene almost didn’t make it into the book, but when I mentioned I was cutting it, popular vote demanded it be put back. I have to say, it just adds that extra Lexa flavor we’ve come to love.

Excerpt, Dreamsnatcher

Someone cleared his throat. Lexa turned and started at Salazar standing at her shoulder. Why did he like sneaking up on her? Just because she was in a dress didn’t make it safe to test her nerves. There were plenty of household items in the room she could turn into a weapon.

Lexa forced composure over her features and nodded to the duke. “Your Lordship.”

His cheek twitched and he held out a goblet of wine. She stared at it.

“Come now,” he said. “We are not enemies.”

If she left him standing there, holding two cups, people would begin to stare. Lexa snatched the goblet from him. Her fingers curled around it, itching to throw the wine back in his bushy face.

“I hope Sir Duram is well. I don’t see him here tonight.”

“He’s coming.”

Salazar clucked. “Terrible what happened to his ship.”

Lexa curled her free hand into a fist. If the duke brought up dreamwalking, so help her, she’d deck him. Not at Taryn’s party.

He smirked and his voice dropped to a husky cadence. “Look at you, brimming with fury. It takes every ounce you have to hold it in, doesn’t it? What might it look like if you unleashed it?”

“Excuse me?”

The duke cocked his head, and in the slanted light his pupils took on a slight sheen. Oh lord, was the man drunk this early?

“Stormy eyes like the sea, a virago to tame the tempest, to crumble the peaks with molten passion. You would wash over the raiders like a squall and snuff them out in one breath.”

“Did you woo your wife with such poetry?” Lexa muttered.

“And a tongue that lashes like lightning!” he concluded with a grin, and tipped his goblet back to drain it.

Lexa pressed a hand over her face. Go away.

“Duke Salazar,” she ground out. “Where is your wife?”

He canted his gaze across the room to Duchess Colette. The woman wore a pomp and puffy gown of a quilt work of colors, hair wrapped on top of her head like a beehive. Her sharp eyes skewered Lexa standing next to her husband. Great, as though Lexa needed any more enemies.

Salazar sighed. “It is unfortunate I do not have a son for you.” He lifted furry brows at her. “You would make an intriguing wife.”

And he would make a fine specimen mounted on the wall. A gold plaque would read, “He pulled the tiger’s tail.


Get your copy of Dreamsnatcher on Amazon and B&N.

Lexa has spent the past five years training the princess of Teltania in dreamwalking, a mission that’s coming to a close. But raiders hounding Teltania’s coast are leaving victims in comas, and Lexa discovers they’ve been snatched out of their dreams into the dreamscape. What soon becomes a potential plague sends her on a desperate search for answers before she loses everything she cares about.


*DW 3D*Dreamstealer 3D*DA 3D

Get caught up on the series with Dreamwalker, Dreamstealer, and Dream Assassin.


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Excerpt of Dreamstealer: Lexa vs. The Dress

I have another excerpt of Dreamstealer for you today, this time one with a little humor. Lexa is on her way to Teltania to see if their princess is in fact a new dreamwalker. Unfortunately, her cover for this mission is to go as a visiting diplomat of Artasia. And one must dress to fit the part…


Neil gestured to the gray-toned, crackle-textured trunk. “Mathias left this for you, but he insisted you not open it until the day before our arrival. So, here it is.”

Lexa could tell she was not going to like this. She strode forward, flipped the latch, and swung the lid up. The trunk was full of clothes, it seemed, and dresses at that. She stared at the fitted, maroon velvet gown with a cross-laced bodice on top.

“Hell no.” She slammed the lid down again.

Neil cleared his throat. “I believe his words were something about you being a lady and needing to dress to fit the part.”

No wonder Mathias hadn’t wanted her opening it until the last minute…or while he was still around. She would have strangled him. Yes, she understood the importance of playing the role of diplomat, but did he have to choose such…opulent clothes? If he had given her more time, she would have done her own shopping—which had probably been his plan all along.

Lexa threw the lid open again; the hinges rattled as they quaked under her wrath. She grabbed the maroon dress and lifted it up. It was even worse in full form: puffed sleeves at the shoulder, which tapered down into a tightly fitted cuff at the wrist. Her arms would look like mutton legs in it. She tossed it on the bed. The next dress on the pile was an aquamarine with wide, billowy sleeves and lace around the neck meant to imitate sea spray. Underneath that lay a dark green gown with a loose skirt that Lexa thought she could tolerate, but for the most part, she discarded the various dresses on the bed, her lip curling in even more disgust with each one.

“I’m going to throttle him.”

Neil arched a brow at the mess. “So you two hadn’t discussed this?”

Lexa glowered at him. “Don’t pretend that comes as a surprise. He did tell you to keep this until the last minute.”

Neil rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m not sure I see the problem.”

Lexa gestured to her plain shirt and pants, then at the dresses. “Seriously?”

He quirked a smile. “They would look stunning on you.”

“They’re ridiculous.”

“Perhaps you should try one on first.” He dug under the pile, pulled out the maroon one, and held it out to Lexa. Her fingers twitched, unwilling to even touch the extravagant fabric. But with Neil watching her closely, she swallowed her discomfort and snatched it from his hand.

“You’re forgetting a piece.” He reached into the trunk and pulled out a corset.

Lexa gave it a blank stare.

“It’s all the fashion in Teltania right now.”

“You wear it.”


I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I was also on Mistress of the Dark Path’s blog this weekend for an interview. Curious if I have a naughty side? … 😉


Dreamstealer is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iTunes.

When her kingdom’s former enemy suspects their princess is a budding dreamwalker, Lexa is drafted out of retirement and sent to Teltania to train the twelve-year-old girl. But hidden agendas complicate her mission, and Lexa doesn’t know whom to trust. Meanwhile, her own dreamwalking powers are waning when she needs them most. Can Lexa decipher the mysteries at every turn, or will the dreamscape claim yet another dreamwalker?


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Sneak Peek of Dreamstealer

With the release of Dreamstealer looming, here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite. This scene was inspired by these little things I saw at work one day. They’re some kind of plant found in the desert, but I’m turning them into something deliciously creepy. Hope you enjoy.

Image copyright Angela Wallace

Image copyright Angela Wallace

Late that night, Lexa lay on top of her bed listening to the rain patter against the window and the wind whistle as it whipped in and out of the towers. She hadn’t meant to drift off, but in the next moment the sounds of the storm had been replaced with the silence of the dreamscape. She wandered absentmindedly until she returned to the dark forest where she had seen Dirk’s specter.

It was still a forest, but the bark on the trees was now black, like a coating of charcoal. The shadows in the canopy and along the forest floor looked bottomless, as though Lexa could fall right into them and be swallowed up. The gnarled trunks creaked and groaned, and the entire wood seemed to be moving, swaying. Something skittered through the treetops. Lexa raised her arm to summon a sword, but a shimmer of light in that dark place caught her attention. A wispy phantom floated toward her.

She froze, hope flickering deep down like a dying ember. “Dirk?”

The skittering in the trees increased in number, tap, tap, tapping so fast the sound started to buzz. The specter stopped ten feet from her. Dirk’s face rippled into view. Lexa gasped. Her hand twitched as though to reach out to him, but she held it back. Was it really him? His mouth moved, but no sound came out.

“What?” she shouted in frustration. The clicking movements were now all around her, though she still couldn’t see anything in the shadows. The trees felt as though they were bending down, oppressive and menacing.

Lexa’s head started to pound. She put her hands up to cover her ears as they throbbed with an intense ringing. “Stop it!” This was her dreamscape; it couldn’t hurt her.

The ghost of Dirk surged forward, enveloping her like a sheet of heavy, muggy fog. In a flash, the mysterious beings in the treetops descended—hundreds of three-legged, talon-shaped insects. They looked like fossilized bird claws, two thin legs curling on top, one on the bottom, with barbs at the tips. The middle body was no wider than a thumb with a split down the center for a mouth, except it looked sewn shut with fibrous roots.

The insects crawled down the trunks and dropped from the leaves onto Lexa’s shoulders. She swatted at them, but in an instant they swarmed over her head and down her body. The wiry thin legs snapped at her, pinching her clothes and hair, weighing her down as they multiplied on top of her. She twisted and turned, trying to get them off, and slipped onto one knee. She gasped, and breathed in the filmy substance that still covered her. Cold, wet slime slid down her throat. Gagging, she fell to her elbows. One of the creatures latched onto her neck and dug its barbs into her flesh. They bore down on her, pressing her face into the mud as she choked on the filmy ectoplasm.

With a shuddering start, she bolted upright in bed.



Watch for Dreamstealer coming this month! And be sure to read the first book, Dreamwalker, available at Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.

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Cover Reveal: Darkness Haunts

I have a treat for you guys today, a new urban fantasy book set to come out January 15. I beta read this book and can say the characters are compelling, the world building engaging, and features one kick-ass heroine. If you enjoyed reading the Alaska setting in Earth Tones, this one’s set in Fairbanks. And this cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Darkness Haunts
     Melena Sanders faced her fair share of danger with insurgents and terrorists when she served in the U.S. Army, but now she is about to go up against a new threat.  Her best friend, Aniya, has disappeared while on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska—a supernatural haven.  Most humans have no idea darker races lurk amongst them.  Mel has always known better.  If she wants to get her friend back, she’s going to have to go in alone—but not unarmed.
     Melena has a few special skills the Army didn’t provide, but the odds are still against her.  She’s got to come up with a plan fast that doesn’t involve her, or her friend, dying.  But danger likes to play it rough.  A war for power is about to rise in Fairbanks and if she wants to get Aniya back, she’s going to have to step right into the middle of it.
Here’s a sneak peek:
The woman caught me hovering at the door and waved me inside. I took two steps in and stopped. She wasn’t much of a threat, but coming near her still made me squeamish.“You look lost my dear. Are you searching for something?”Once my eyes had adjusted to the dim interior, I saw she had kind hazel eyes, and a face framed by long silver hair. The wrinkles lining her skin seemed to accentuate, rather than detract, from her looks. My senses told me she was pushing seventy years old, but she still appeared to be in good shape with a small, nimble body.The mystic must have been one of those types who got into the act of her profession because she wore a long, dark robe that flowed around her. Something I might have expected from a tarot card reader. Of course, her business did sit within the confines of a major tourist attraction. She would want to cater to customers’ expectations.“Actually, I’m looking for someone.” Pushing aside my trepidation, I pulled out my picture of Aniya. “Have you seen this woman?”She leaned over the black silk-draped table she sat behind and took a close look. After a moment, she shook her head.“No, I’m sorry. She hasn’t been around here.”“You haven’t seen her anywhere?”

She smiled. “I don’t get about town much these days. This is the one place I have a chance to see anyone aside from my family.”

I supposed that made sense at her age, but this was the last place I had left to visit in the park and had hoped for better results. It was the only reason I’d been willing to take a chance on her at all. Vampires couldn’t mesmerize her into forgetting like they could the humans around here. Not at her power level.

“Why don’t I give you a reading? Perhaps that will help.”

My body tensed at the offer. Sticking around a sup, any sup, for very long did not sit well with me. Never mind that I needed to work on getting past that particular problem if I was ever going to have any luck finding Aniya. I really didn’t think she was with a human anymore.

The mystic cocked her head at seeing my reluctance. “If you’re really worried about your friend, it could be worth a try.”

Doubtful, but this was an opportunity to work on overcoming my fear and see what she was made of. All the other readings in my past had been fake, done by people who had no skills at all. I went along with the show because it amused me to see how far they would go in their act. My ability to sense magic let me know they were doing nothing more than guessing. But this woman had magic—not that it would be any more useful than the fakers.

She took the twenty I handed her and stuffed it into a small opening in her robe. I contemplated asking her if she could do a spell with Aniya’s picture to find her, but didn’t feel ready to ask for that kind of help. One step at a time. Better to feel her out for now and keep my options open.

She turned her back to get a deck of tarot cards after indicating for me to take a seat. My muscles cramped as they bent down into the chair, the good kind of ache after too many hours on my feet. The run this morning must have taken a greater toll than I’d thought. I made a mental note to get myself into a better routine with my workouts. They were more important now than ever.

The mystic shuffled the cards and arranged them with care before laying them down. We both took an indrawn breath at what was revealed, or rather, not revealed. The woman gave me a startled look and I drew back myself. Every card she laid down came up blank—solid white, with nothing on them. It was the last thing I’d expected.

Her magic was trying to pull my information, but couldn’t, so it wiped out the details of the cards. She mumbled under her breath and her hands began to shake. Guilt stirred inside me at seeing her so upset. From what I could tell, the cards had their normal illustrations on them until she laid them down, then they blanked out. She tried several times with no success. My very nature made me a void for magic, but I hadn’t realized it went this far.

Our attention was so riveted on her trying a new deck that neither of us noticed the man who stepped in until he spoke.

“Those won’t work on her, Yvonne.” His rough voice carried over to us, making me jump.

About Susan Illene:
photo of Susan     Instead of making the traditional post high school move and attending college, Susan joined the U.S. Army. She spent her eighteenth birthday in the gas chamber — an experience she is sure is best left for criminals.  For eleven years she served first as a human resources specialist and later as an Arabic linguist (mostly in Airborne units).  Though all her duty assignments were stateside, she did make two deployments to Iraq where her language skills were put to regular use.
     After leaving the service in 2009, Susan returned to school to study history with a focus on the Middle East. She no longer finds many opportunities to test her fighting abilities in real life, unless her husband is demanding she cook him a real meal (macaroni and cheese apparently doesn’t count), but she’s found a new outlet in writing urban fantasy heroines who can.
Connect with Susan:

Twitter: @susan_illene

Watch for Darkness Haunts available January 15!


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Dreamwalker—The Ball

Featuring “Take Me On” by Richie Sambora (Click the space between the title and “Share” to play without opening a new window.)

Image via Kay Adams under Creative Commons

Lexa’s got her hands full at the state ball. Not only is she working security for the city’s officials, but she’s doing it all glammed up at their insistence on blending in. To make matters worse, her boss literally throws her into the arms of a rich merchant in the hopes of buttering him up so he’ll donate more funds to the war effort. Not that Sir Duram minds; he’s quite taken with Lexa.

Image via LHG Creative Photography under Creative Commons

…And then Dirk comes along, the dream assassin. Why risk showing his face, unless it was to sweep Lexa off her feet…

Image via Dennis Khun under Creative Commons

A faster song picked up, and before she could remove herself from the dance floor, another caught her up in his arms and began twirling her across the room. Lexa looked up and her eyes flashed with fury.

You,” she hissed.

Dirk smiled, keeping step but not letting her go. He still wore all black, but a tailored silk shirt this time with the first couple top buttons undone, and his hair was smoothed back into his hair tie.

Image via Imelda Whitfield under Creative Commons

“What, you’re not going to talk to me?” he asked, and dipped her backward. His face loomed inches above hers in the pause as they hung suspended in the air. “I’m making an effort.” He brought her upright again, but the migrating ceiling made her slightly dizzy.

“What do you want? Are you here to kill someone? I’m not going to let that happen.”

He sighed. “While the challenge of taking out a target under everyone’s nose would be interesting, it would also be messy.”

Lexa gritted her teeth. “You prefer dream killing?” She tugged to get her hand back, but he squeezed tighter and wrapped his other arm in a secure hold around her waist.

“Must we talk about work?”

“You can always throw yourself out a window,” she said, and bent his wrist back until it cracked.

Dreamwalker is available on Amazon and other e-store retailers. And in response to popular demand, I am now writing the sequel: Dreamstealer.


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PonyFest12 Entry—Cetus!

It’s time for PonyFest 2012! Last year Rebecca Enzor hosted a contest on her blog for writers and authors to submit custom pony designs based on their novels. Lots of creative characters were posted and then people voted for their favorite. The winner’s drawing was then made into a real custom! The contest was so much fun, Rebecca has decided to make it annual. Visit her post for the rules if you want to participate! And be sure to come back in October to visit other participating blogs and vote for your favorite!

Last year I submitted Phoenix Feather, which came in second. This year I’ve got a brand new pony—Cetus from Elemental Magic!

Cetus is a sea dragon from the Mediterranean, though in the book he’s been sleeping off the coast of Washington until a sinister alchemist awakens him to go on a rampage. He’s not all bad though; he befriends the main character, Aileen, and she works to save him from the evil alchemist’s influence. This pony’s got the serpentine cutie symbol, colors of the deep ocean, and some scales on his legs.

The silhouette against the backdrop of stars was tall and thin, at least compared to the width of a whale. That wasn’t to say it wasn’t incredibly large. It loomed at least seven feet over the top of the ship. Keenan swept the spotlight over it, and I caught a flash of teeth bared in a menacing sneer and bright, blue-green scales. Eyes glowered gold with the reflection of the light… Hot breath spewed from its nostrils into the chill air. I supposed it most closely resembled traditional renditions of Chinese dragons: its body was definitely serpentine and lined with spicules. Two tusks sprouted from the back of its head, and it seriously looked like it had two whiskers of a mustache, except they were more like the spines of a lionfish. Its eyes were hardened and possessed a chilling intelligence that even the smartest dolphin didn’t have.

Sunken treasure guarded by a sea dragon. Sure, no problem.

You can read about Cetus in Elemental Magic on Amazon!


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Dreamwalker Launch Party

I’m excited to announce Dreamwalker is now available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords!  If anyone wants to join the party and help get the word out, I’ve typed up some pre-written content you can simply copy and paste in your Facebook or Twitter streams.  Or you can fiddle with them as you like.  And at the bottom, enjoy another teaser from the book!

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Angela Wallace’s latest fantasy novella, Dreamwalker, is now available for purchase as an e-book! Two dreamwalkers: one a devout soldier, the other a rogue assassin. Last one standing wins.

My good friend and author Angela Wallace has released the e-book edition of her latest book, a fantasy novella entitled Dreamwalker. The dreamscape is a perilous place, a world of ever shifting shadows. And if you see the murky brown fog—run.

Like fantasy, sword fights, and a mysterious rogue in black? Check out Dreamwalker on Amazon Kindle!

Excited to get a copy of Angela Wallace’s latest book, Dreamwalker. Two dreamwalkers: one a devout soldier, the other a rogue assassin. Last one standing wins.

The links above and below are for Amazon, but if you’re a B&N fan, here’s the link for there too:

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Author @AngelaRWallace released the ebook edition of her fantasy novella #Dreamwalker! Get it for $2.99!

Excited to get the Kindle Edition of @AngelaRWallace ’s fantasy novella #Dreamwalker. Newly released for $2.99!

Congrats to @AngelaRWallace for her Kindle release of her fantasy novella #Dreamwalker. Get it for $2.99!

#Dreamwalker, @AngelaRWallace ’s fantasy novella is now available as an ebook!



The horizon on all sides faded into a gray haze, blurring any sense of direction. Vines snaked along the ground, alternating between full blossoms and bare, gnarled branches, an infinite river of plants that stretched further than Lexa could see.

After half a mile, the trees on her left turned barren and the riverbed ran dry into a bare expanse. The sterile landscape branched out into a murky haze, like brown and black shadows writhing together. Lexa frowned. Things did not tend to appear so dead in the dreamscape. Usually life and blossoms were mixed, like the vines, reality and possibility twisted together. This was pure ugliness.

She came to a sudden stop as recognition hit. She’d been here before. Dread washed over her and she forgot herself in the impact of the one memory she tried to forget—this stretch of land and the terrible creatures that came from the nearby curtain of dark fog. Blood began seeping up from the dirt around her, spreading and pooling like red oil. From the looming blackness ahead floated the Nightmares, bobbing blobs of thick darkness.  They loomed in various sizes, from the smallest ones the size of a fist, to huge, fat globs that could engulf a man’s chest. Lexa knew they were coming, yet all she could do was stand frozen, gaze locked on the familiar face emerging through the film of blood with its empty eyes staring up at her. The Nightmares sensed her terror and were drawn to it.


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