Star Castles and a Star Mash-Up

Welcome to Imagine That on Wednesdays.

I’ve been going through some old boxes of toys and finally getting rid of stuff.  The excuse that I’ve been saving them for my own children is a crock since I don’t plan on ever having any.

Anyway, I came across these beautiful little castles.  They’re called Star Castles and are something like a Polly Pocket toy.  The figurines are so tiny you could pinch them between your thumb and forefinger.  Each castle has a key hidden in one of the turrets that opens up the castle.  Inside there are hidden passages and walls that fold out.  Other pieces detach.  These things are delightful.

This castle opens into a carnival.  There’s a Ferris Wheel and a moat with little boats to ride in.  The clock gears in the tower come out to create one of those spinning teacup rides.  There’s a hot air balloon that moves up and down and little doorways to hidden compartments.

Inside this carousel is another moat with swan boats to carry the princess.  The central turret comes down and expands into another spinning ride.  There are little amusement park type rides in the back too.

They don’t make these anymore, and as far as I can tell, hardly anyone remembers them (according to Amazon and E-bay, they don’t exist!).  I had to search Google several different ways before I found *one* website that knew what they were called and had pictures.  So I’ll be holding on to these.  I may not plan on kids of my own, but as my friends get married and start families, I’m sure there will be some birthday parties in the future.  And these castles are just too much fun.  There’s no manual.  You have to discover all it’s little secrets on your own.

Have you heard of Star Castles?  Did you have any; did your kids?  What was your favorite toy growing up?  I love hearing from you!

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