Chivalry Isn’t Dead, He’s Just In WITSEC

Many believe Chivalry was a casualty in the rise of Feminism.  The truth is, though he sustained a vital blow during the storm of changing times, Chivalry did survive.  Unfortunately, because the world thinks him dead, he’s suffered many false accusations and mistaken identities.

  • He rushes to open a door for an elderly woman, and she cowers away in fear that he intends to mow her down in order to get in line first.
  • He brings a lady a drink when he goes for his own and she declines, paranoid he may have slipped something in it.
  • He offers to walk a woman to her car late at night to fend off fiends, but she suspects he’s the one who intends to knife her in the dark parking lot.

He finally had to be whisked away into Witness Protection in order to save him.  Though he is in hiding, Chivalry attempts to make small headway by being a gentleman where he can.  His efforts might be in vain, however, for no one recognizes him when he passes on the street or if he says ‘hello.’  Despite his best intentions, he is met with suspicion, resistance, and sometimes outright disdain.  Perhaps he didn’t die in one single blow as everyone thought; perhaps he is doomed to wither away, malnourished on false hopes and unrequited decency.


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