COVER REVEAL: Spliced Magic


I am so excited for this release, particularly because there was a period where I thought the book might not happen. But at last it is finished and being prepped for publishing. And to start, here is the FANTASTIC cover.


Cover by Shelley at Spittyfish Designs



Sylphie Seaton’s life is about to get turned upside-down when elemental law enforcement agents show up on her doorstep looking for her brother Josh. He’s wanted for the murder of a colleague, but she’s convinced there must be more to the story.

When she finally hears from Josh, Sylphie discovers the situation is much worse than she feared. His coworkers were rogue elementals attempting to genetically engineer supernatural abilities, and Josh was accidentally contaminated. Now, Sylphie not only has to protect her brother from the law, but also find a way to reverse the unstable serum before it kills him.

On the run with no one to turn to, Sylphie will risk everything to save her brother. But the conspiracy may go deeper than either of them ever imagined, and not even an acclaimed storm chaser can outrun this tempest.

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Special Feature: The Illuminator’s Gift

I have a special post today featuring my good friend Alina Sayre’s debut release, The Illuminator’s Gift. I love art, so when I found out Alina was having an illustrator hand-paint the entire book cover, I had to post it. And it’s gorgeous. Oh, the colors! But first, here are some work-in-progress teaser shots. All materials copyrighted Amalia Hillmann.

Cover 4

The cover was painted on cold press illustration board with watercolor and acrylic paints and detailed in pen and ink.

Cover 7.5 Cover 12

And finally…

Illuminator full spread

Illustration by Amalia Hillmann

Ellie is a twelve-year-old orphan who desperately wants a family. She just doesn’t expect to find one when she joins the crew of the Legend, a flying ship in a secret rescue fleet. On board, she meets a boy with a pet tarantula, a bully with eyes like mirrors, and a librarian who can read eighteen languages. Unexpectedly, Ellie also discovers a powerful gift that only she can wield. But when the Legend is called to a dangerous rescue mission, Ellie risks losing everyone she loves. Will her mysterious gift be enough to save her and her friends from a deadly enemy bent on destroying their world?

The Illuminator’s Gift is a Middle Grade Fantasy for Ages 9-12 and is now available on Amazon.

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COVER REVEAL ~ Dreamweaver

Here it is, the last book in the Dreamwalker saga. This is a bittersweet moment for me as I’m sad to end the series, but I also couldn’t be happier with this story. For this cover reveal I thought I’d do something a little different by first showing you a music video of one of the “theme songs” for this book. Hopefully it captures the emotion in the cover for you as it does for me.

The epic conclusion to the Dreamwalker saga.

With her father in a coma, Princess Taryn tries to hold her kingdom together in the midst of crisis. Soulless raider ships ravage the coast, and the sleeping sickness is spreading as people are snatched from their dreams. Taryn wants to confront the mysterious evil in the dreamscape, but she’s got her hands full with problems in the waking world.

Duke Garth is trying to wrest control from her, and the insufferable Prince Fenir still wants to marry her. Yet when the prince saves her life, Taryn discovers a whole other side to the young man from the North. Could she learn to accept an arranged marriage, especially when her kingdom is desperate for help?

As Taryn wrestles with limited options, the enemy moves his final pieces into place, unleashing a horror no one could have imagined. Lexa is lost in the dreamscape, and Taryn finds herself alone, pitted against an unearthly invader. In a battle to save both the dreamscape and waking world, she may have to sacrifice everything she holds dear.


Cover design by Amber Shah at

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Earth Tones Cover Reveal!

I am so thrilled to be announcing the cover reveal for Earth Tones, the third in my Elemental Magic series. It was designed by Tara at FantasiaFrog Designs. Isn’t it amazing?! I love her work.

Nita Young doesn’t know if she has a future with college sweetheart Keenan Donovan—two star-crossed lovers of opposing elements—but she invites him up to Alaska to see if Earth and Water can rekindle their old flame.

When a series of wild animal attacks strike the inhabitants of Yakutat, Nita has to put her romantic plans on hold. Mangled bodies are turning up, and a mysterious black panther has been spotted in the woods. Fur, scales, and a venomous bite suggest the cat is supernatural in origin—and evidence indicates that someone not only summoned it, but is using it to target those Nita cares about. It’s the perfect murder weapon: no fingerprints, no evidence. And in a town this small, the killer is someone she knows.

Nita’s strength will be put to the test as she faces losing her friends, her town, and the man she loves.

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Earth Tones official release date is October 20th.

I also want to give a big thanks and shout-out to those celebrating the cover reveal with me on their blogs this week.

Rebecca Enzor

Virginia Ripple

Patricia Sands

Raelyn Barclay


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Cover Reveal: Dreamwalker

I’ve been working furiously the last several weeks on a special project, even though I haven’t mentioned it.  So consider this the first announcement of my soon to be released fantasy novella, Dreamwalker.  If all goes according to plan (when does it ever?), it should be out as an e-book this summer.

After Lexa’s comrade died saving her life, she retired from the special forces and retreated to a sanctuary in the mountains. A year later, war is brewing with the neighboring country, and Lexa discovers a threat even the army can’t stand against—a dream assassin. As the only other dreamwalker in known existence, Lexa returns to the capital of Artasia and her old post to protect her country’s leaders. But is the cocky, mysterious dreamwalker who seems to be stalking her the true mastermind? Or is something even more sinister threatening not just Artasia, but the dreamscape as well? As Lexa fights to protect those she loves, she discovers a power that can transcend worlds, and a destiny she never could have imagined.

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Cover by Fantasia Frog Designs