PonyFest12 Entry—Cetus!

It’s time for PonyFest 2012! Last year Rebecca Enzor hosted a contest on her blog for writers and authors to submit custom pony designs based on their novels. Lots of creative characters were posted and then people voted for their favorite. The winner’s drawing was then made into a real custom! The contest was so much fun, Rebecca has decided to make it annual. Visit her post for the rules if you want to participate! And be sure to come back in October to visit other participating blogs and vote for your favorite!

Last year I submitted Phoenix Feather, which came in second. This year I’ve got a brand new pony—Cetus from Elemental Magic!

Cetus is a sea dragon from the Mediterranean, though in the book he’s been sleeping off the coast of Washington until a sinister alchemist awakens him to go on a rampage. He’s not all bad though; he befriends the main character, Aileen, and she works to save him from the evil alchemist’s influence. This pony’s got the serpentine cutie symbol, colors of the deep ocean, and some scales on his legs.

The silhouette against the backdrop of stars was tall and thin, at least compared to the width of a whale. That wasn’t to say it wasn’t incredibly large. It loomed at least seven feet over the top of the ship. Keenan swept the spotlight over it, and I caught a flash of teeth bared in a menacing sneer and bright, blue-green scales. Eyes glowered gold with the reflection of the light… Hot breath spewed from its nostrils into the chill air. I supposed it most closely resembled traditional renditions of Chinese dragons: its body was definitely serpentine and lined with spicules. Two tusks sprouted from the back of its head, and it seriously looked like it had two whiskers of a mustache, except they were more like the spines of a lionfish. Its eyes were hardened and possessed a chilling intelligence that even the smartest dolphin didn’t have.

Sunken treasure guarded by a sea dragon. Sure, no problem.

You can read about Cetus in Elemental Magic on Amazon!


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