Whispers of Magic

My eyelids fluttered open.  In the blackness of my room, the clock digits glowed a dull green of three o’clock.  I crawled out of bed and stepped into the hall.  The nightlight from the bathroom cast a soft hue across the floor as I crept past my parents’ bedroom toward the living room.  The sliding glass door didn’t make a sound as I eased it open and slipped outside into the backyard.  What could have compelled a seven-year-old to steal away in the dead of night?  What but the faintest stirrings in my soul whispering, “Come.”

I walked into the grass, bare feet brushing against the cool carpet.  I stopped and leaned my head back to look straight up.  The moon was a bright gleaming orb right above my head, the sky a brilliant shade of ocean blue in the waves of its illumination.  And around the moon was a perfect ring of light with the moon dead center.  It looked like a circle of white mist, though no other clouds graced the night sky.

I’d never seen anything like it, and haven’t since that night.  I’ve never forgotten it though, nor the feeling that I had been woken for a reason, drawn outside to share a secret wonder with the One who held my heart.  “Come, see what I made for you.”

Photo by Jesse757 on Flickr CC license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesse757/

Photo by Jesse757 on Flickr CC license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesse757/

Have you ever seen a sunset paint the clouds in the shape of a blazing eagle?  Or a vertical rainbow in the middle of the sky, with all the colors tinged in ruby red?  Or columns of golden sundust in a haze of thunderstorm dark rain?  I have.  Each time I stopped and marveled.  And a subtle stirring in my heart whispered, “Come see what I made, just for you.”

There is magic and enchantment in the world, if we are only willing and eager to see it.  Turn off the computer, the TV, the iPhone.  When was the last time you felt something stir deep within your soul, a quiet prompting that said, “This way, off the beaten path,” or “Look up,”?  When was the last time you listened?  There are whispers of magic waiting to share their secrets with an open, searching soul, waiting to take your breath away.


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