Pieces of the World

It’s Move Me Monday!  Let’s talk world travel.

Now, I don’t actually like to travel.  I dislike suitcases and airports and hotel rooms and all the logistics that go with an extended vacation.  The furthest I’ve gone in the U.S. is Texas (from California).  The furthest and only country I’ve visited is Mexico.  Ah, but I’ve seen pictures of places around the world that would be gorgeous to see in person.  Maybe when they invent viable teleportation…

In the meantime, other people go and bring me back souvenirs.  I have quite a few travel gifts from all over the world that friends and family have brought back as gifts.  I’m honored they thought of me in the midst of their travels.

My shelf of souvenir trinkets

There’s the wooden cell phone chair from Nairobi, Kenya, along with the cup with painted giraffes and the tiny wicker basket (inside is a fire stone from Kenya as well).  The orange box is from India.  The glass perfume bottle is from Egypt, and so is the white and brown box.  (The shell with the little frog is the one thing I bought on Catalina Island.)  I also have a red shawl from Spain, a chunk of white, sparkly coral from the Philippines, and a compact mirror from France.

I’ve seen pictures of Scotland and Ireland, listened to tales of visiting castles with no barriers, and read inspired posts based on those adventures.  Yet for all that, I still do not wish to go there myself.  I’m a dreamer.  Some people like to see and touch and do.  I’m quite content to live vicariously.  Reality would ruin it for me: humidity, uncomfortable beds, freakishly large insects.  I love to read and watch adventure play out, pretending for a moment that could be me.  That’s where my travels end: in my mind.

I’m content with who I am.  In the meantime, people continue to bring me pieces from their real life adventures, mementos that remind me there’s a great big world out there outside my imaginings, and it further fuels my creativity.

So tell me, are you a dreamer or a doer?  Do you like to travel?  Where’s the furthest from home you’ve ever gone?  What’s been your favorite place to travel to?  Do you bring back souvenirs for people?  Have others brought back gifts from their adventures?  What’s your favorite souvenir?  I love hearing from you!

Also, the winners from the drawing for a free e-book copy of Elemental Magic are

1. Marcia Richards

2. Katy Hulme

3. Linda (Wistfully Linda)

4. Barbara McDowell

5. Raelyn Barclay