“Get Over It”–Wisdom from a teenager

Kids are funny.  They have unique perspectives on life, and adults can usually get a good laugh out of them.  My mom was going through old boxes and found this essay my sister wrote back in ninth grade.  While incredibly amusing now, this is just one of the many reasons I will never have children.  😉


Responsibility means to have important duties and being able to fulfill them.

They are obligations to yourself and sometimes other people.

My responsibilities now are to work hard in school and to bring my grades up.  Since the school year is almost over I don’t have time to do that now but next year I’ll try for a 4.0.  (Yeah, cus why do today what you can put off until next year?)

I also have responsibilities to do my chores on time and I do try but sometimes I don’t have enough time.  My family thinks I have plenty of time but what they don’t know is that I’m busy with my priorities.  My responsibilities are not one of my main priorities right now.  My priorities are to my friends who need help and to my walk with Christ.

Those to me are more important than school and chores and I will try harder to do my chores and school better but that’s not going to come before what I think is important.  (So what did she do?  Well, she convinced my mother that she would clean one part of her room at a time.  Translation: take everything on the desk and throw it under the bed.  The next week, take everything under the bed and toss it in the closet.  And round and round we went…  She even stuffed everything under the rug once.  Um, hello?  Like that’s not obvious.  In contrast, my room was always spotless.  Seriously, I knew every time that little brat was in my stuff because I could tell when a single item was turned sideways.  Like Monk.)

Getting good high school grades will be a responsibility and priority so I can get into the college I want to go to.  College will be a huge responsibility for me so I can do what I want later in life.   (Too bad that later in life turned into tattoos and being engaged to a guy named “Pony.”)

You learn about responsibilities by sometimes not doing them, like not doing chores one week means there’s a lot more to do the next week which makes it harder to complete.  (My sister was an expert negotiator.  She would agree to do one thing now, and another later, except she always timed it so she wouldn’t be around to do the second thing, and someone else [Mom] would have to do it for her.)

When you do your chores it can help the people around you because they won’t have to do them for you.  When you don’t do your chores that makes other people have to do them for you in order for them to make dinner, etc.  (My sister would volunteer to make dinner, and afterward say that since she cooked, Mom should clean.  Except she used every pot and pan we had, and left food and sauce dripping down the counters and cabinets.  Mom’s reaction?  “Don’t cook anymore.  I’d rather go out.”)

Sometimes people have to be flexible.  Like when someone doesn’t do a chore because they are too busy then the other person could do it for them or just leave it and get over the fact that now the little perfect plan has been ruined because someone didn’t clean the kitchen.  Get a wake up call.  There’s more important things in life.  (Apparently.)


With 2012 before us and New Year’s resolutions and goals taking up our thoughts, I suppose the message is, in kinder terms, be flexible.  😉

Got a story of your kids that drove you crazy when they did it but you can look back on and laugh at now?  Do you get overwhelmed with goals and plans for the new year?  Another round of Row80 has started, and its motto can be applied to everything–make goals to fit your life, and if your life changes, it’s okay for the goals to change too.  Happy New Year!  🙂

Dominoes of Life

Happy Monday everyone!  Some of you might have noticed some subtle changes happening over here.  For the past month I have been taking Kristen Lamb’s workshop on Blogging to Build Your Brand.  Through lessons and lots of group discussions, I have developed a blogging plan that is uniquely suited to me (or so I hope).  Observe the new log line.  *Vanna White the above*  (Yes, I’ve turned a person into a verb.  Actually, it wasn’t me, I got that from interpreter training…)

I’ve also worked out themes for my regular blog postings.  Today is Move Me Monday.  At the start of the week, you can look forward to posts that focus on moving the heart, spirit, and soul, along with posts talking about moving in your life–motivation, action, life changes, etc.  I hope it works for me, and I hope it works for you.  🙂


Hindsight is twenty-twenty.  We often hear that when looking back on mistakes or situations where we felt helpless and consumed by worry, only later to see it work out in the end.  How often do we look back at the twists and turns that brought us to a positive place?  Do we ignore them because they didn’t cause us emotional pain?  Do they seem like random casting of the dice, or the falling of dominoes?  Yet even dominoes aren’t random.

How did I get here, to this moment, on this blog?  I signed up for Kristen’s workshop after hearing about it through #MyWANA.  I joined #MyWANA after stumbling upon Kristen Lamb’s blog (I believe from a Google search).  I was looking up information on Twitter.  You see, I had recently published a novel on Smashwords, and their marketing guide recommended I join Twitter and start a blog.  As it turned out, Kristen’s site had helpful info on the blogging part too!

How did I get to Smashwords?  Another Google search.  I had announced on Facebook my intentions to self-publish on Amazon and one of my friends asked about other e-reader compatibilities besides Kindle.  I had had no idea I could publish an e-book on Amazon until someone in the critique group I had just joined told me about it.

I found this critique group through one of its members who happened to be one of my mentors at my interpreting internship.  I hadn’t even spoken to her about writing.  She had been listening in on my conversation with *another* interpreter, whose name I mistakenly mixed up with a literary agent’s.  I was relaying the story of how I had made this mistake when trying to talk to her former teacher (my current one at the time), and the interpreter with the writer group jumped in with, “You look for literary agents?  Are you a writer?”

Of course, I wouldn’t have found this group had I not been at that internship, which leads back to the fact that I was accepted into this highly competitive educational program to begin with.  Wow.  Dominoes.

Can you see how the dominoes fell in your life?  Can you see God’s hand moving you along the path He has for you?  It’s not always a straight path with clear turn signals and a pre-outlined road map.  But then, I think that makes the journey all that more incredible.  What’s your journey been like?  How did you get to where you are now?  I love hearing from you!

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