Heroes of Fantasy: Mr. January

Let’s start off 2014 with a bang, shall we? And who better to ring in the New Year than the Norse god of thunder?

Image Credit: Marvel Studios


As a mighty warrior of Asgard wielding the hammer Mjolnir, Thor has, well, quite a big ego. Our first glimpse of him in Marvel’s 2011 film is rabble-rousing a crowd and winking at the ladies as he prepares to ascend the Asgardian throne. Too bad a small infiltration of Frost Giants interrupts the festivities. Thor’s solution? Smash them all!

Thor does a lot of thinking with his hammer and fists in the beginning, but after being banished from Asgard to earth for his arrogance, he learns the value of selflessness and sacrifice. And when he is worthy to possess the power of the hammer once more, there’s no stopping him from becoming an avenger for the weak and innocent.


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