Coming Soon: Scorched Magic

Getting this book done had its grueling moments, so I am so happy it’s finally reached this stage. Major kudos to Shelley at Spittyfish Designs for another stunning cover.

Scorched Magic

Natalie West thought her ability to manipulate fire was a genetic aberration straight out of a Marvel comic. Orphaned at age three, she’s spent her life hiding what she can do. But like any secret superhero, she also uses her powers for good, investigating fires for the San Jose Fire Department.

When a series of arsons marked with pentagrams brings her into Andre Romero’s sphere, however, Nat discovers she’s not as alone as she thought. Who is this man who also wields fire? An ally? Or one of the arsonists? As Nat delves into a world of elementals, witches, and magic, learning more about her heritage in the process, she’ll have to watch her back or risk getting burned.

Release date April 18th 2016

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