Vampire Smackdown #2

Welcome to Imagine That on Wednesdays!  I’m going to once again ask you to imagine two hot, sexy vamps going up against each other and vote for who you think would come out on top.  Since most of you shouted for Damon over Stefan in our last competition, I’m going to oblige.  But don’t think I’m going to make this easy for you.  I have to admit, I was surprised that Stefan Salvatore and Edward Cullen ended at a tie.  We’ll just have to agree with Alica McKenna Johnson’s assessment: “I see a pathetic slap fight they both break a nail cry and go get iced lattes.”  Sounds good to me.  Onward!

Damon Salvatore

When he firsts make his entrance on The Vampire Diaries, Damon comes across as a very evil vampire.  He has no qualms about killing, hypnotizing, and turning humans.  He torments his brother, and doesn’t even treat Elena very well, even though he’s attracted to her.  However, as the series progresses, Stefan and Elena seem to be a good influence on Damon.  He helps his brother out sometimes, even saves his life.  He cuts back on the villainous routine and has his moments of heroism.  Yup, the ladies love this bad boy, even if he’s not so bad sometimes.

So who will be the contender?  Someone with a similar backstory, of course.


He too, started out as an evil vampire, killing, rampaging, with the singular goal of killing Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Originally known as “William the Bloody,” he acquired the nickname Spike for his typical method of killing.  In season 4, he makes an uneasy alliance with Buffy after a government agency implants him with a microchip that prevents him from feeding on humans.  After that, it’s only a matter of time before he falls in love with Buffy, even going so far as to get his soul back.  Another bad boy turned hero.

So tell me, who would you vote for?  In a showdown between these two vamps, who comes out on top, Damon or Spike?

Vampire Smackdown

Welcome to Imagine That on Wednesdays!  Let’s have a little fun, shall we?

About a month ago we talked about our first exposure to vampires and our first loves in that genre.  If you missed out or want a refresher, you can read it here.  There were a lot of favorites and multiple loyalties.  So let’s see what happens when we pit two of those delicious vampire specimens against each other.  I wonder who will come out on top…

First up:

Stefan Salvatore

This tortured vamp has an unfortunate addiction to human blood and a dark past filled with murder and mayhem.  He’s reformed, however, and only drinks animal blood (except when it comes to his beloved Elena).  His evil brother, Damon, vies for his girlfriend’s affections, but does that make him lose his cool and stake his evil brother?  Nope.  Stefan’s a softy.




Edward Cullen

Hm, also a somewhat tortured vamp who drinks animal blood and goes crazy at the scent of his love interest, Bella.  He has his own rival for this girl’s affections in the form of werewolf Jacob.  Hey, these two vamps lead rather similar lives.  They kinda look alike too…

Now it’s up to you, my friends.  Who do you vote for?  In a showdown between these two vamps, who comes out on top, Stefan or Edward? 

I’ve got some ideas on future smackdown contestants, but if you’ve got a specific vamp in mind, leave your suggestions in the comments.  The werewolves will get their day, too, so if you have names to give me, leave a comment or DM me on Twitter.  🙂


Also, for the rest of September, whoever leaves a comment on my blog will be entered into a drawing to win a free e-book copy of my soon to be released novel, Elemental Magic.  Five winners will be selected.  Good luck!

Bad Boys or Boy Scouts?

What type of men do women fantasize about?  Bad boys usually top the list.  The dark, brooding types have an air of mystery about them that we just have to unlock.  Plus they’re dangerous.  There is something alluring about risk, and in fiction it’s all the better because there are no consequences for the reader.  We can fall in love with those abrasive, sexy guys in the safety of those pages (or film) and return to life as normal when we close the book, having vicariously experienced the thrill of adventure.  The Bad Boy archetype is certainly more prominent in fiction than his counterpart, the Boy Scout.

Bones (Night Huntress series)

Bones is the dark, sexy vampire with his own agenda and a devilish approach to sex.  As with many bad boys, there’s something appealing about him: hints of sweetness underneath that thick layer of bad ass.  Would you want a real relationship with him?  Probably not, unless you fancied pain.  But you’re the reader, which makes jumping into bed with him safe and temporarily satisfying.

Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)

Dark, sometimes evil, and witty vampire with piercing eyes.  Oh yeah, he’s delicious.  But then he can go and surprise us with moments of heroism, which makes us believe there is good in him, if only the right girl can draw it out.

Not to list only vampire bad boys (though that does seem to be the best or most popular form this archetype takes), let’s also mention:

Captain Mal Reynolds (Firefly)

This captain’s line of work is anything but legit most of the time, and he’s not afraid to throw a punch or fire off a few rounds.  Yet he also has a sense of nobility and honor.  Being an ex-soldier, he knows loyalty and nobody messes with his crew.  He may have unscrupulous business practices, but he has limits on what he will and will not do.  Dangerous, yet honorable.  Now that’s a combination.


The Boy Scout, though apparently outnumbered, is not extinct in fiction.  There’s also something alluring in undiluted devotion and sweet affection.  The knight in shining armor persona has his place.  In a world of darkness and betrayal, there is something safe and fulfilling in the ever faithful and dependable Boy Scout, the ideal man a woman can spend her whole life looking for in the real world and never find.  Divorce rates are high, marriages are not expected to last a lifetime, and more and more children emerge from broken homes.  Yes, we secretly love danger, but we also long for the stability we believe we’ll never have.

Marcus O’Malley (Dee Henderson’s The O’Malley series)

Really, all the men in Dee Henderson’s books are Boy Scouts.  Marcus is a US marshal dedicating his life to protecting high profile figures.  He’s loyal to his family and those he cares about, to the point that when he gets a call from any of his siblings, he will drop what he’s doing and rush over.  How many women would love if their husbands  put them above their work?

Leopold (Kate and Leopold)

Time traveling romances make use of the good boy persona more easily as honor and decorum is expected of men from the past.  Leopold is a man of 1870, and though he might be considered a bit of a rogue in his time since he refuses to conform and marry a rich American, by today’s standards he is definitely a gentleman.  He treats Kate with respect, and when he attempts to film a commercial for her, he refuses to compromise his standards by promoting a product he finds disgusting.  Kate obviously falls for this chivalry, knowing she’ll never find equal in her own era.

Seeley Booth (Bones)

Here is a fine sample of a Boy Scout who is both tough and sexy.  Booth follows the rules, doesn’t compromise his values, and has a sense of honor.  He’d never cheat on you, never put his work above his loved ones, and never break your heart (intentionally).  He is dependable.

So what about you? Do you prefer the Bad Boys or the Boy Scouts?  Or do you find both meet a deep need at various times in your life?  Who’s your favorite Bad Boy or Boy Scout character?