Meet Vlad


Yup, the Impaler. Oh, he’s smiling just thinking about it. He used to do it himself, until the incident when he tried to impale a werewolf. Since his horn wasn’t made of silver, it didn’t work quite the way he wanted, and that blasted werewolf snapped it right off. Ran away with the tip still embedded in his chest. Vlad dreams of the day he finds that filthy dog again and finishes the job. And modern medicine nowadays can do a lot with reattachment. In the meantime, don’t comment on it. Even the broken edges are sharp.

*This pony was made with General Zoi’s Pony Creator.

Now you tell me, since Vlad no longer has the use of his horn, what’s his favorite tool for impaling enemies?  I look forward to reading your comments!

Watch for Dreamwalker, out June 30th.  Two dreamwalkers: one a devout soldier, the other a rogue assassin. Last one standing wins.


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