Dream Interview with Tony Stark (Iron Man)

(As a Finalist in the 2013 Best Indie Book Awards, I was asked to write my dream interview for Venture Galleries Blog…and I chose Iron Man to be the one to conduct it. Enjoy!)


Link to original interview, Sept. 12, 2013

[It’s that time of the year again when The New Kindle Book Review is running its Best Indie Books of the Year awards. Top five finalists for the 2013 awards in various genres were announced September 1, 2013. In keeping with our tradition established last year in the first year of the awards, we have asked each of the finalists who care to participate to provide us two pieces: a dream interview and a dream review. Although these will appear under my byline and Caleb Pirtle’s, the posts are the work of the finalist authors. We hope you enjoy them and use them as an introduction to the works of these fine writers.-SW]

Angela Wallace
Angela Wallace


Now let us introduce you to Angela Wallace, author of Earth Tones, a finalist in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.


My Dream Interview with Tony Stark (Iron Man) by Angela Wallace

Me: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule saving the world to chat with me.

Stark: Captain America’s on call in case anything goes down. Oh wait, the chick in your book is a superhero, right? She could join the party.

Me: Well, Nita’s an earth elemental, a steward of nature and animals. But she does have some experience fighting supernatural baddies.

Stark: So what can she do exactly? What are her powers?

Me: She can wield any form of earth to her bidding, such as help plants grow, or make vines coil and slither like snakes. She can pull a wall of dirt into the air as a shield. And she can talk to earth animals.

Stark: Awesome. What’s her superhero name? Ivy? Beast Whisperer? Oh, I know, the Green Thumb.

Me: …

Earth Tones by Angela Wallace cover 200x300

Stark: Tough crowd. So, she’s got some experience saving the world? What kind of evil maniacs has she faced? I myself have taken on butt-ugly aliens.

Me: Nita’s gone up against a mishupishu.

Stark: Gesundheit.

Me: No, it’s an underwater panther from Native American mythology. Has scales, a spiked tail, horns…

Stark: That sounds ugly too. So, as the author of Earth Tones, what was your least favorite part of writing this book?

Me: Jumping to the negative, huh?

Stark: Who cares about a polished answer? Give us the nitty-gritty.

Me: Fine. <pulls up laptop> My least favorite part of writing this book was researching pathogens. See, in addition to the mythological panther killing people, a deadly disease breaks out. And while I was researching agents and symptoms, I came across the most stomach-turning pictures I’ve ever seen. <turns laptop around>

Stark: Blech. Sorry I asked. Okay, who would you want on your team to survive the zombie apocalypse? <waggles brows>

Me: Um, Hawkeye and Hulk.

Stark: What? Hello, what about Iron Man?

Me: No offense, but technology can malfunction, you can run out of power supply…

Stark: I’m also a genius who could invent and build anything from scraps in a garage! What will the Hulk do?

Me: Play Whac-A-Mole with the zombies.

Stark: … Fair point. Alright, since that’s your team, let’s finish up with this question: what would you like your tombstone to say?

Me: Wow, that’s what you think of my odds of survival?

Stark: <shrugs> Should’ve picked me.

Me: I saw this saying on a card, so since you plan on being the only one left alive in the apocalypse, please remember it right. “She dreamed of mermaids and motorcycles and meeting a man who can dance.” So, thanks for the interview!

Stark: Hey, want to get some shawarma?

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