Everyone’s Favorite Dream Assassin Is Back!

One of the things fans of Dreamwalker have told me is how much they love Dirk. And who wouldn’t? He’s rugged, handsome, cocky—oh, and could kill you in your sleep. He’s one of those bad boys you can’t help but love. So, I’m giving readers more of Dirk. That’s right, he’s got his own story in this prequel novella to Dreamwalker. It’ll be out in the next couple months, but for now, here’s the cover and a short teaser to whet your appetite.

dream assassin 1000x1600

Cover Design by Erin Lark


As Dirk stepped into the dreamscape, he froze at a soft snuffing sound. Foul breath puffed over the back of his neck and he slowly turned. A large round glob of black floated six feet behind him. The width was the size of a man’s torso. It had no limbs, no eyes, no other features aside from a perfectly round, inky surface—except for a ragged crater gouged down one side in a scar. Tints of red lined the stretched skin like tendrils.

A Nightmare. Not just any Nightmare, but one that had been hunting Dirk for close to a year. These beings lived in the dreamscape, glutting themselves on the terror of bad dreams. He had tangled with this particular one a while ago. He’d gotten away, but not before it’d taken a piece of him. And it seemed to have developed a taste since it’d been harrowing him ever since.

It opened a mouth in the center of its mass, revealing rows of jagged teeth. The creature appeared to grin as it snuffed out another wave of putrid breath.

Dirk envisioned a sword in his hand and smoke burst up in a column before solidifying into steel. The Nightmare made a gurgling sound, and a drop of viscous black goop dribbled down its mouth to bubble like acid on the ground.

“Want another scar?” Dirk growled.


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16 comments on “Everyone’s Favorite Dream Assassin Is Back!

  1. Angela, this cover is so enticing! Love it! I’m a huge fan and cannot wait for the release of this new work! Hurry!!!

  2. Awesome cover! Sounds like a great read. I’m looking forward to it!

  3. YUM!!! Gorgeous cover!!

  4. Alina Sayre says:

    Yeah baby! I resisted liking Dirk for so long, but I just can’t help it. Can’t wait to read his own book!

  5. Suzie says:

    Love this cover! I’ll look forward to seeing more of him. It will be nice to stop making up my own stories about him in my head, lol.

  6. Diana Beebe says:

    Great cover, Angela.. I’ve got some catching up to do on my TBR list. You inspire me!

  7. Delicious cover…

    Can’t wait to add this to my collection of your work!

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