New Moon — Hillywood Style

Today is an example of why it’s good to have posts polished and ready in your queue.  My road to recovery has hit a pothole, or a sinkhole.  Coherent thoughts, let alone creative, must wait for another time.  So, I leave you with this.

Did you guys enjoy the Twilight parody by The Hillywood Show I shared a while ago?  Well, here’s the second!  New Moon Parody by The Hillywood Show.  This one is my favorite.  These girls impress me.  The cinematography, lip-syncing, choreography, and editing are all superb.  And they do it all with one camera and their own budget.  (Though, now their budget is a lot bigger since these Twilight parodies put them on the Internet map.)  They even go to the trouble to match the clothes from the movie.  Oh, and there’s definitely some Team Jacob bias going on.  😉

Hope you enjoyed that.  By the way, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

10 comments on “New Moon — Hillywood Style

  1. Debra Kristi says:

    OMG I love it! New Moon the musical. LOL .

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    I hope you are feeling much better now. I posted the last comment too quickly.

  3. LOL Fun video Angela. Although it was a difficult decsion, I’m a team Edward kind of girl.
    I hope you get better soon Angela. Sorry to hear you had a setback.

    • Kate, I suppose you could say I’m Team Edward at heart. I’ve always thought it was him and Bella. Jacob didn’t stand a chance. However, that doesn’t mean *I* would date him. 😉

  4. Lesann says:

    That’s a wonderful video. I absolutely love the dance sequence with the Volturi all head-bobbin’. Awesome! There were some really fun bits and I like the look on poor Jacob’s face at the end. I remain Team Edward. 😉

  5. If I reading the books, I’m Team Edward all the way, but watching it on the big screen – Team Jacob. lol.

    Sorry your recovery has been set back a bit. Hope you are slowing down to let you body heal!

  6. Alina Sayre says:

    This gave me a good laugh. Almost as funny as the movie. I watched it with my roommates just to laugh at all the cheese.

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