“Get Over It”–Wisdom from a teenager

Kids are funny.  They have unique perspectives on life, and adults can usually get a good laugh out of them.  My mom was going through old boxes and found this essay my sister wrote back in ninth grade.  While incredibly amusing now, this is just one of the many reasons I will never have children.  😉


Responsibility means to have important duties and being able to fulfill them.

They are obligations to yourself and sometimes other people.

My responsibilities now are to work hard in school and to bring my grades up.  Since the school year is almost over I don’t have time to do that now but next year I’ll try for a 4.0.  (Yeah, cus why do today what you can put off until next year?)

I also have responsibilities to do my chores on time and I do try but sometimes I don’t have enough time.  My family thinks I have plenty of time but what they don’t know is that I’m busy with my priorities.  My responsibilities are not one of my main priorities right now.  My priorities are to my friends who need help and to my walk with Christ.

Those to me are more important than school and chores and I will try harder to do my chores and school better but that’s not going to come before what I think is important.  (So what did she do?  Well, she convinced my mother that she would clean one part of her room at a time.  Translation: take everything on the desk and throw it under the bed.  The next week, take everything under the bed and toss it in the closet.  And round and round we went…  She even stuffed everything under the rug once.  Um, hello?  Like that’s not obvious.  In contrast, my room was always spotless.  Seriously, I knew every time that little brat was in my stuff because I could tell when a single item was turned sideways.  Like Monk.)

Getting good high school grades will be a responsibility and priority so I can get into the college I want to go to.  College will be a huge responsibility for me so I can do what I want later in life.   (Too bad that later in life turned into tattoos and being engaged to a guy named “Pony.”)

You learn about responsibilities by sometimes not doing them, like not doing chores one week means there’s a lot more to do the next week which makes it harder to complete.  (My sister was an expert negotiator.  She would agree to do one thing now, and another later, except she always timed it so she wouldn’t be around to do the second thing, and someone else [Mom] would have to do it for her.)

When you do your chores it can help the people around you because they won’t have to do them for you.  When you don’t do your chores that makes other people have to do them for you in order for them to make dinner, etc.  (My sister would volunteer to make dinner, and afterward say that since she cooked, Mom should clean.  Except she used every pot and pan we had, and left food and sauce dripping down the counters and cabinets.  Mom’s reaction?  “Don’t cook anymore.  I’d rather go out.”)

Sometimes people have to be flexible.  Like when someone doesn’t do a chore because they are too busy then the other person could do it for them or just leave it and get over the fact that now the little perfect plan has been ruined because someone didn’t clean the kitchen.  Get a wake up call.  There’s more important things in life.  (Apparently.)


With 2012 before us and New Year’s resolutions and goals taking up our thoughts, I suppose the message is, in kinder terms, be flexible.  😉

Got a story of your kids that drove you crazy when they did it but you can look back on and laugh at now?  Do you get overwhelmed with goals and plans for the new year?  Another round of Row80 has started, and its motto can be applied to everything–make goals to fit your life, and if your life changes, it’s okay for the goals to change too.  Happy New Year!  🙂

24 comments on ““Get Over It”–Wisdom from a teenager

  1. Susan A. says:

    Lol, Angela, this made me laugh. My brother wasn’t the negotiating type. He simply made excuses for everything he did and didn’t care what anyone thought about it. The boy could steal something out of my room while I was in there and then look me in the eye and swear he didn’t do it. Funny thing is how someone behaves as a teenager does reflect to a certain degree on how they will be as an adult. Thanks for sharing that essay!

    • My mom should send a copy of this to my sister. She probably wouldn’t see the humor in it like we do. My sister was pretty bad sometimes, but she still might have been better than a brother…

  2. Stacy Green says:

    LOL. Thanks for sharing. I was a negotiator, too. And the spoiled baby of the family, so I had it pretty easy growing up. And my daughter is the queen of negotiating. She’s going to be a terror as she gets older.

  3. How funny, Angela! You sister’s housekeeping sounds a lot like a child of mine! Shove it here, shove it there. Each day we have to re-address the issue of “do your shoes BELONG on the bookcase?”

  4. Debra Kristi says:

    Isn’t it funny how siblings will be so different from one another? I have the messy, messy kid now. It’s no fun getting them to clean up. I used to hide my messes under the bed or in the closet until the day I moved out. On that golden day I suddenly became a neat freak. LOL

  5. My daughter does the same thing your sister did! Often, that means whatever it was just doesn’t get done, or sits for a long time. Sometimes she claims she has a lot of homework in hopes that I’ll clean up from dinner. I do it, but if I see her hanging out on Facebook later, we have a problem! Fun post!

  6. Thanks for the laugh, Angela! I could see parts of my own family in this. Hope you have a great 2012!

  7. T.F.Walsh says:

    Very good blog – I can so relate to it…hehe

  8. This was super funny 🙂 My brother would always promise to do something to help, but he’d leave it so long that someone else had to do it or he’d forget about it altogether (but if you reminded him, you were nagging). Maybe that’s why I’m obsessive about lists . . .

  9. That’s pretty darn funny. I want to know more about the tattoos and they guy named ‘Pony’. She sounds like she’s a handful!

  10. showard76 says:

    lmao wow she sounds like the nightmare child! and clearly had all her priorities and responsibilities wrong – has she read this herself now? if so what does she think of her younger self? Although I guess from the tone of what you have to say, she would probably still think that she was/is very right in her assertions in this essay! lol ohh dear, I wonder also if my own children (both teenagers) would think she is right!? Not sure I dare find out!!!

  11. Elena Aitken says:

    I LOVE it. She clearly had her priorities figured out. 🙂 And was good at getting what she wanted.

  12. Very funny Angela, reminds me of myself when I was growing up. Thanks for the laugh and the wisdom too, lol! Have a great 2012.

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